360 Sudr Kite Station Sinai! Best Spot ever!

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360 Sudr Kite Station Sinai! Best Spot ever!

Post by bibikite » Mon Sep 18, 2017 7:27 pm

You can fly to Cairo or to Sharm el Sheikh then take GoBus to Ras Sudr (get off at Fantasia Bus Stop)! Or you can just email 360 Sudr and they will organize a pick up with a personal driver and accommodation.

360 Sudr is the best spot in all 40 destinations I have been so far. The station is right on a sand stretch surrounded by a series of lagoon...It is amazin how far you can go, it is not crowded...every morning, I had the lagoons to myself and felt small and free. It is crystal-clear water and compared to El Gouna or Hurghada...it sooo not crowded, no big hotel or big crowds of tourists....super laid-back atmosphere....I keep going back and back, just because I don;t know another place so cheap and where I have soooo much room!

The staff is really nice (some are bedouins) and the atmosphere and the cultural exchange is really nice. They serve us Beduin breakfast in the morning. We can eat there and chill on the bean bags and most of the time, the wind blows! 9 to 11m was the average of size kites. Sometimes, in August I used 6m-7m. I went there during different months of the year...even in the winter....new lagoons form! It is a magical place worth discovering before other people do...actually...i should keep it secret!

The station that is on Sinai (people were asking me if I was afraid to go to Sinai...I have to say....it is soooo peaceful in this fun Bedouin world).

When we went for the first time my cousin and I were surprised how Egypt and Egyptians are sooo nice and how quiet it was...even during the revolution...we went...and in Ras Sudr...it is like another world!

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best kiteboard and Kitesurf conditions all year round in Sharm El Sheikh Egypt.

Post by Sirwinb » Fri Jan 26, 2018 2:13 am

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