90Kg Rider - What conditions will need smaller than 8m kite?

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The smallest kite I have a 8m Hadlow ID, and I am wondering what conditions would require something smaller like a 6m ID.

I'm thinking 35kts + But then with the 8m running depowered... would that cover it?

I have two trips booked (El Médano and Sri Lanka) and I want to make sure I can ride at these locations :)
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It's very unlikely that either of these locations that you're 8m couldn't handle with a 90kg rider. I'd be happy taking nothing smaller than my 7 and I weigh 72kg. It should see you upto 35kts ok. Much more than that and you'd be better off in the bar anyway.
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If on a twinny then yeah - 35+ (neither of which you're likely to find either of the places you're going). If you branch out in to riding waves with a surfboard then a 6m would be a key size in your quiver (which would probably no longer be ID's... )
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