a long shot I know but Desperately seeking my old kitcar (Q66 ANJ)

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Thu Jun 02, 2016 10:13 am

Hi Guys,

My first posting in a very long time on this forum due to knee damage but I am really hoping that the UK Kitesurfing scene I used to love so much, could help me out locate my old beloved kitcar.

You know how it goes, new house, new baby and the car had to go, what a mistake :-(

I was a long time owner of the above vehicle and was wondering if it's still about as I would love to try and get her back, to a once loving owner.

I am Desperately seeking or information on "Q66 ANJ"

I am really hoping someone has seen my old vehicle in the last 10 years or has any information on its whereabouts now, even a town where it was seen could give me a clue to work on.

The DVLA records this vehicle as having an MOT and TAX until October 2015 and is now SORN, it is also stated that the colour is still black (Painted not gel coat).

There are very few of these about now so if you see one it should jump out.

I know it lived around Poole, Dorset when I had it, I then sold it locally, it was then not seen for many years until about 6/7 years ago where it was seen driving near Liskeard Cornwall but nothing since.

There are beer tokens awaiting as a reward for the person who gets an address or name and just to be clear my intentions are purely Honorable.
Any info on where my old RV is now would be very appreciated.

If anyone has any information or suggestions then please feel free to contact me by Email to simon@xswind.co.uk or if you could simply put the word out there then you would really help me on my almost impossible task.

The only picture I have is given below but its not the best photo as this was pre-restoration but it shows what she did look like, I suspect she must be far nicer to look at now.


Posting with fingers crossed
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Thu Jun 02, 2016 11:33 am

I dabble a bit in the motor world, so know a few places where it would be worth asking about this

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Thu Jun 02, 2016 1:08 pm

Hi Tony,

Thanks for the reply, any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated.

FYI as I forgot to add this detail, its an EAGLE RV kitcar from the 80s
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