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Wed Mar 26, 2008 4:57 pm

2008 got off to a good start for those guy’s down under but it has been very cold in Europe and the UK.
But how ever spring is now coming and the competition scene is about to start so watch this space.

Some new names on the list but will they still be there at the end of the year

Kites still have the top gps speeds with some insane peak speeds 57.3 knots from Sebastian
and Martin hitting a peak speed of 51.1 on a windsurfer outstanding performance and shows that it will be possible to record a full 50 knot run with a board and sail

Unfortunately we have lost some riders who made a good contribution to GPS maybe they will come back at sometime Finian - Tilmann

Nice to see my old mate Tony in there. Did you ever get that Bic to move .
Eight out of the ten places are held by the windsurfers at this time will there be significant changes by the end of the year .will there be changes in sail design or board design
Kite design is still in its infancy along with boards it will be an interesting year

Good look to all and remember GPS is for FUN

But it can be a good platform for those who wish to move into the competition scene like
Dave Williams from the UK who recorded his time in the UK.
O yes did I mention I made his boards

Will up date the list in September

Sebastian Cattelan 51.5 kite
Alex Caizergues 51.3 kite
David Williams 46.2 kite UK
Chris Lockwood 45.9 board
Dirk Doppenberg 45.0 board
Martin van Meurs 44.2 board
Dave White 44.0 board
Tony Wynhoven 43.7 board
Mal Wright 43.6 board
Peter de Wit 43.2 board
Thomas Gaudiot 43.0 board

2007 top ten
1 Alex Caizergues 50.48 Kitesurfer
2 Tilmann Heinig 50.10 Kitesurfer
3 Manu Taub 49.45 Kitesurfer
4 Sebastian Cattelan 48.80 Kitesurfer
5 Hennie Bredenkamp 47.88 Kitesurfer
6 Chris Lockwood 47.20 Windsurfer
7 Finian Maynard 46.66 Windsurfer
8 Juergen Geiger 46.62 Kitesurfer
9 Mal Wright 46.23 Windsurfer
10 Dave White 46.18 Windsurfer
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