Anyone else just starting up?

Landlocked but have kites and will travel !
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Anyone else just starting up?

Post by _fez_ »

Hi all,

In the grand scheme of things I am still very much a beginner, I want to start getting out more regularly, ideally over Hunstanton way.

Just wondering if anyone close-ish to me fancies coming over sometime?

Without wanting to sound like a bad blind date episode, I'm 27, live in Atherstone and have my own kit. I'm more than happy to drive as I get my fuel paid through work.



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Re: Anyone else just starting up?

Post by andyc08 »

Hi - sent you a PM but not sure it actually sent - let me know if you didnt receive it. Cheers

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Re: Anyone else just starting up?

Post by Kite-Brum-Paul »

I often head over in the other direction - out to Borth in Wales. If you ever fancy heading that way let me know, I am based near Halesowen so not on your doorstep but kind of on the way to Wales.


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Re: Anyone else just starting up?

Post by colpantheruk »

Hi there,

I wouldn't mind giving it a go as I live just down the a5 in hinckley.
I am a beginner and dont have my own kit

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Re: Anyone else just starting up?

Post by bretiller01 »

Hi guys

Im based black country, been kiting 11 months, progression was tuff as i live in the middle and its hard to get out often and the momentum up!
i go mainly on south coast ( to far tho! ) im now looking at wales north/south/west,

I know how important it is to have people around, just the advice and little nuggets of knowledge really help, but most of all its the confidence thing thats boosted by having a like minded bunch around.
im fully kitted out, i fly slingshot keys, prob trade up to rallys or rpm when i can afford tho. Just acquired my surf van aswell - YAY! i didn't buy into the vw thing tho - to pricey<

anyone up for getting over to wales give me a shout.

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Re: Anyone else just starting up?

Post by Tommy1 »

Hi all,

Notice this thread has some interest... I'm keen to get over to Wales too! I'm based in bromsgrove and I have my own gear...ish. I'm an intermediate/advanced waleboarder looking to try my hand at wind sports...

Let me know if anyone is up for a sesh!

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Re: Anyone else just starting up?

Post by dave2013 »

Hi all,
Just moved to Lichfield from Manchester. Been kitesurfing for bout 1 1/2, mainly head to wirral, ainsdale, Lytham or west coast Wales. Give me a shout if you're interested in lift shares etc. Tend to be about in week or weekends cos work shifts. Cheers.

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Re: Anyone else just starting up?

Post by nomercy »

I'm Telford based, most of time spend Wallasey CH45 3QS ‎
but if you go somewhere West Wales, give me a shout
Cheers, Bart

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Re: Anyone else just starting up?

Post by louie321 »

Hi all, I am new to the site but have been kitesurfing a few years now but don't manage to get out much as I live in Walsall, I normally go over to Aberdovey but am willing to try new spots, I can generally go any time week days or weekends so if anyone is localish and wants to head out anywhere I,m up for it so please give me a shout,


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