Anyone going to Dakhla Attitude?!!

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Mon Jul 22, 2013 10:47 am

This is a bit of a long shot... but worth trying anyway.

Just come back from a great weeks holiday in Dakhla. If you haven't been then you definitely should, and if you do perhaps you could do me a favour?

In a bid to cram as much kiting into my last day as possible I ended up rushing my packing a bit and left my bar and lines drying on a rack. I've asked the sports center manager, a great guy called Cedric, if he could put it aside for me.

If anyone is heading out there would they be willing to pick it up for me and in return I can offer 30 of my finest English pounds in compensation? I'm in London but family are from the Witterings so anyone who is ever near any of those locations would be a bonus. There doesn't seem to be any restriction on baggage weight at Dakhla airport so it shouldn't matter if you're near your limit on the outward journey.


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