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Camber Sands to Exmouth ~ Local info and chat.
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You really don't know do you............that's about as useful as kite without lines!!! :lol:
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these are the websites i use to get my wind/tide forecast and current conditions, bramblmet is always light except in a SW when the wind blows up the solent, chimet is usually about right for the island... <<seems to be most accurate in my experience ... tPort.aspx ... ather.html << bit useless as it's in the middle of the island so wind is always reported lighter than at the coast
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Good list

Can I add ... ssure.html used to be my favourite but they charge now :cry:

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Chimet is down at the moment due to harbour buoy replacement...arrgghhhhh. Looks like it might be offline for a while.
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Also the Zero G weather station is! AGAIN!!! ... goryID=128
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I personally prefer:
(only coz it's mine and can add any region needed)
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