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Tue Jul 10, 2012 10:00 pm

Any other kitesurfers in Argyll & Bute fancy heading down to Westport, Machrihanish at weekends when there is wind give us a shout. Kinda long journey from Lochgilphead to Troon at Weekends just to get out with other Kitesurfers.

Also was wondering whether Crinan Ferry at low tide is doable - nice flat open area for launching/ landing and last time I was down seemed like plenty of wind. Anyone ever been out there kitesurfing ???.
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Sun Aug 19, 2012 12:03 am

Hey Andy. I live down in Arrochar, used to go to Machrihanish/Caradale with a mate that used to live in Tarbert when I first started out 8 years or so ago before heading to Troon, sadly ive been out of kitesurfing for about a year now as i got made redundant and getting to a beach costs a small fortune :( especially when ive got a young family to support.
As for local spots uv got a few on ur doorstep. I have surfed at lochgilphead a few times so deffinatly doable just a pain that its an onshore wind to make it happen and a long walk when the tides out and no space when the tides in..

You say crinan ferry do u mean crinan bay?? same area i suppose, turn right over the wee bridge at bellanoch and head down the single track for about 2miles turn left down the wee track and the small bay across the field in front of you?? yep surfed there too a good wee spot and works on a westerly but again onshore but fine if you can rip upwind:-D
always wanted to try up at Ardfern never got around to it, and had a go down at Achahoish (Killbery rd) but wind was crap.
I noticed from your other post your just starting out, have you had any lessons? mate teaches down at Troon/Saltcoats -" onclick=";return false; id recomend lessons.
if ur on facebook theres a localish kitesurfing community mostly people in and around Troon-Glasgowish area, a few make the road trip to mach now n again. join n see whats happening, also the Scottish Windfest is happening soon at Troon. get along n see whats happening?

If you head to mach beware of the rip tide, Caradale is nice n safe but dont go to Southend = dangerous

there was a windsurfer/kitesurfer on here called Wullie he was from Ardfern, if you search through the Scotland threads for Machrihanish from a few years ago i think i started or member - Buzbie you could message Wullie see if he's still around??

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Mon Jan 07, 2013 8:26 pm

Listen to the words of wisdom from Colin there!! he'll keep you right... When he's not on the buses!!! We started together and surfed just about everywhere you could down that way... with the exception of Ghiga... never got round to that one..
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