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Is it just me or does £370 rrp for a bar and lines seem extortionate ? I was thinking about changing my kites to Ozone Reo's but I can't justify that. I always get two bars and I know there are discounts and deals to be had but even so - that price has changed my mind. Yes prices have gone up a bit on everything but there is no way that price can be justified by increased manufacturing costs or R&D. Well that's four kites less that Ozone will be selling this year !
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How ozone can charge that for there bar is incredible when you consider how basic it is....

btw, Recently bought two brand new Naish shift bar/line sets for £260..... :-D
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for me the ozone bar has got everything I want from a bar, good quality lines , above the bar trim which is smooth and simple, A centre line that doesent need replacing 4 times a year, single line flag out, auto aligning chicken loop, suicide attachment. I think its a great clean simple quality bar that does everything you want.

by the way the Reo bar is £290 rrp which is cheaper than most of the high end brands.
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I had the original REO's, they fluttered very uncomfortably when heavily depowered. they were quick and great in every other aspect, but you might want to check the 2013 fixed it. eeryone knows it but few people own up to it, particularly on the Oz and NZ frums.

On bars, the BWS above bar depower bar, is the best bar I've ever owned and I've owned a few over the last 13 yrs.

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From my side of things the Airush bar is a lost leader and still costs £329.
The things are expensive.. every aspect.. The smart bar has a lot of stuff on it, and now 500kg front lines to boot.
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Think there is quite a big mark up on kitesurf equipment, but for retail outlets to survive there has to be - most of them are making losses from what I hear. The cheapest bar you can get is the one from Switch for about £150 but I am not sure how well it will work with other brands, it has alot in common with the North bar but isnt quite as good quality but still pretty well built.
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