basic foot work on strapless (video)

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basic foot work on strapless (video)

Post by defever »

Hello kitesurfers,

I've been diggin around for some "intro to strapless" kiting and I found this, so I thought I'd share. I'm sorry if this has been posted before.

There are many other video clips out there with better point of view (in terms of the kiter and kite's position in relation to board work), but I found this clip very useful to see the foot work on the board.

I've only been out twice on strapless and I found it diffiult to feel the right foot positioining. I had my back foot all the way back on the pad, touching the kicker, and no idea about the front foot. I also had both feet on the heel side of the stinger, not across the stringer. But looking at the video above, the back foot seems to be just in front of the tail pad and the front foot on the middle, or the widest and most bouyant part, of the board. That makes sense when switching foot and when you have your feet next to each other for a split second.

I'm lookng forward to get out with strapless again and practice this.

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Re: basic foot work on strapless (video)

Post by kite-uk »

Brilliant video I have learnt loads there I will be trying this next time I have been running around with my board every session and just going on the twin tip..

it's time to man up and give it ago.. I have tried it but just rode along, dropped in the water turned it round and rode back ! it floats nice and rides nice just I came to want to turn and thought oh hang on? now what LOL!

i only have a fish tale liquid force board to try out first. I need deeper finns


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Re: basic foot work on strapless (video)

Post by broraboyan »

It's a great video, but I'll add that if your trying to do the board start in waves leave the twin tip at home because you'll want to give up after 5minutes .

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Re: basic foot work on strapless (video)

Post by creed »

Ironic that the "advanced water start" is the easiest way to start :?

Good tutorial none the less. It helped me with all the basic foot work. I found keeping my speed whilst switching feet was the key to not falling off. Also when switching to toeside before the gybe I was doing it with my feet to far forward a falling over the front.

It's all good fun though, It's nice to mix things up :D

mike dubs
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Re: basic foot work on strapless (video)

Post by mike dubs »

some footwork on gybes/tacks that might help you. I posted it elsewhere, but better here I think.


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