Blind newbie!

Harness, neoprene, accessories and trick bitz etc.
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Blind newbie!

Post by daveyboy »

Hi all.

I have just found kite surfing a bit late in life but hey ho, I am here. I am a month off getting kit and have only loosely looked at that.

What I am more worried about though is being short sighted, not able to have contacts or laser surgery, what's the best method of keeping my glasses on? I have tried those little straps from opticians you just attach to normal glasses but feel as though I am gonna be loosing a few specs that way especially as I haven't finished lessons yet.

Anyone know of anywhere where to get decent proved wrap around prescription cheap or similar?


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Re: Blind newbie!

Post by comet »

I need prescription glasses for kitesurfing (and previously windsurfing) and have lost a few pairs over the years. There are frames available for about £40 with elastic strap attached, which will take prescription lenses, although you would need to check that a lens in your prescription would fit the frame. I have found that whichever ones I have used, a bad wipeout will usually rip them off your head. There are some that will float, but whether you are likely to be able to locate them after a wipeout, especially if you are learning, may be unlikely. I tend to use ones with a strap around the back of the head, and attach a cord to the strap and the other end of the cord to my harness, so if they do get pulled off they remain attached. Alternatively, wearing a helmet will help keep them in place.

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Re: Blind newbie!

Post by Filthy »

Strap and a swimming hat should help...

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Re: Blind newbie!

Post by Ian »

Have a look at progear, the ones with a strap. Then wear a helmet. Never had a problem with them coming off - sometimes end up under my chin after a heavy wipe out.

Hope this helps

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