Brazil Kitesurfing Holiday 2016

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Mon Sep 12, 2016 1:18 pm

Hi Guys

I am running the first major kitesurfing holiday since returning from maternity leave and we are heading to the warm and reliably windy location of Brazil. Its our biggest trip to date with 12 places and multiple coaches. I will be taking the lead and will be on full coaching form - Im actually chomping at the bit to get coaching again, so watch out!!

Im really looking forward to this trip because Ive now run it multiple times and Ive listened hard to feedback from my clients. I have all the experience of training over there when competing on the world tour, so together with these two aspects I really believe we have to offer the best trip that we have ever run!

We visit 3 locations including Barra Nova, Icaraizinho and the lagoons of Cumbuco. We'll day trip up to Ilha de Guajiru and we have some downwinders on the cards too. Staying at really good quality accommodation and inclusive of breakfast we are going to take Brazil by storm.

There has been a cancellation opening up one last place and we would really love for that place to be filled.

Please check out the itinerary here: ... hing-2015/

My email is and you can call 07919276405 if you would like to find out further information. Please do come and join us.

Many thanks
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