Clacton death

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Anyone know anything? Thoughts to his nearest and dearest
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Just read about this, really sad news.

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As I am seeing more and more speculation on the internet, and with permission from his wife, it is the right time to inform the club and wider groups as to what happened.

It is with deep sadness and disbelief that I find myself typing this. Yesterday Mark Paxton had an accident while launching his kite at Point Clear. The emergency services were called immediately with the air ambulance, road ambulances, RNLI and local first aid members all on the scene very quickly. Unfortunately after almost an hour of medical aid, Mark succumbed to his injuries and passed away.

The medical staff on site did everything they could. The compassion and dignity they treated the situation was outstanding. The members of the public who assisted and comforted us as this was going on reminds me that there are so many good people in this world and we shouldn't forget that.

Those of you who knew Mark will remember him for his love of blasting away the hours on his race board or more recently his hydrofoil. His passion for tweaking his kit to make it faster and faster, his ability to put more than 50 miles away in a session, often going from east beach or Toms up to the pier and back many times in the session, will know he loved what he did.

This has hit all of his friends and especially his family, very hard.

From a personal point, I will never ride my raceboard or hydrofoil without thinking of him. We all learned to ride our raceboards and hydofoils together, all made the same splashes and shared the same glories. We all love our sport through thick and thin and it is important to remember that.

The time for looking into what went wrong will come in time, for now please pay your respects.

I could never quite keep up with you Mark, for sure, one day I will....

Mark is survived by his wife Andrea and son Jack

Rest in Peace.
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Sad , sad news .. a nice guy with a great passion for kiting.
RIP .. Flat water and 30ktns into the sunset.
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That's reaaly bad news,
I'm so sorry very to hear that.
sincere condolences :-(
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Really sad news. RIP
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Awful. Rest in peace, Mark, and thoughts to family and friends. X
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Very sad to hear the news, especially since he has a family. RIP.
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Thanks Tone for going to the trouble to update us on this tragedy

RIP Mark and my condolences to his family and friends

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Tone wrote:
Mark is survived by his wife Andrea and son Jack
Bone chilling stuff, the knowledge of what is left behind scares the crap out of me much more than the incident itself. I cannot help but be utterly moved by my own children and sense of mortality. My sincere thoughts go to those left.

Does anyone know the circumstances of what occurred? In terms of the details of the accident?
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Tragic news
RIP Mark
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Nicely written Tone.

RIP Mark, condolences to his wife and children, must be awful for them.
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Very sad news. My condolences to his family and all who knew him.
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thoughts and condolences with his family along with all in his local kiting community
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Sad news indeed. RIP Mark.

Come on kiteboarder. This is for one of our own.
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