Colin McCulloch - A True Legend - r.i.p.

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Really not sure what to say here, I called Colin this morning to ask about a light-wind board (something he ribbed me about last time we spoke!!!). Sadly the lady at the other end informed me that he passed away this morning.
I only had the pleasure of knowing Colin for a very short while, however I can safely say that he's someone I'll never forget, (not least because that board of his is the dogs!!! a great guy and as true as the day is long!!!
thinking of you ... David
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That's such a shame, I only know of Colin's illness what I have read here and elsewhere, it's always sad to lose someone in the community and this just seems so unfair.
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wow that is a shame, I thought he was in remission after his operation a short while back so that news has come as a bit of a surprise to probably most of us
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Real loss to the UK/Global kitesurfing scene.

RIP Colin.
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I only learnt he was very-very poorly by a chance encounter on Monday with a visitor who was talking about a board Colin had recently completed for him, I talk about "Colin" and use his name as if I was aquainted personally and though I never met Colin I did add one of his boards to my collection and am aware he's a legend.

No more pain Colin, rest-in-peace.

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Indeed, he gave a lot to the sport and was the most colourful character the sport ever brought before me.

He lived life at full throttle, always remember the story about the police chasing him round the town on his mountain bike... infact so many funny stories over the years.. a sad day.

My thoughts to Caroline and his tragically young family.
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Since 2004 I've bought 12 boards from Colin. Some that I needed for myself, others just to sell
onto my friends at cost simply because I loved the work that Colin did. In Feb 2007, Colin gave
up using a twin tip so I purchased his Twin Tip, the Offender Model which I still use today.

It was just after this purchase that I posted Colin an excellent bottle of red wine, with a simple
note saying that it was for all of his great work, and that he was the best in the business.

I've only had the pleasure of meeting Colin once, that was when I picked up the Offender board
in Feb 2007. I didn't know Colin very well, but spoke to him several times at length about his illness
this past year. I considered him one of those very special people, that I was very happy to know. This
sad news has moved me alot today and my thoughts are with his family and friends.

David Sparks
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very very sad news, someone I've also not met but heard only the best about.

Peace at last for Colin, and my thoughts with his family...
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Oh man, that's tough.

Special thinks for Colin and his family today. I never met him but his reputation, skill and humanity resonate throughout the UK and beyond.


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I heard this morning, it's always tragic someone younger than you departing early, very very sad news and worse considering the family element, he was one of the 'good guys' and his creativity will also be missed.

Sad Loss, we are all of us the worse for it.

Sincere condolences to all, family, friends..
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Thats really sad news, I only spoke to Ali told me last week he had got worse!

Peace, no more pain, RIP

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His boards always have been a cut above the rest, and I feel lucky to have ridden these right back from when they were more foamy and narrow.

My last and favourite board will be going up on the wall.

He was so positive , and not so long ago was talking about plans for massive charity rides, kites and windsurfs.

Such a unique sense of humour,would answer the phone, 'alright martyn you loooser' ,convinced I was off the rails on crack as I apparently hadn't got over a girl who dumped me at school, this abuse and banter had been going on for some years. You will be missed...

My thoughts are with Caroline and the kids.
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Thoughts and prayers to family & friends.

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very sad indeed :-( thought he was through it all.
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That's very sad news, after such a spectactular comeback too.
We'll miss him at the beach.
Thoughts are with his family.

James, Craig and Pete.
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