Colin McCulloch - A True Legend - r.i.p.

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My reaction at seeing the thread: Heart sinking feeling and a big exhalation of "Oh No"... Very sad. Condolences to family and friends.
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Fore sure, colin will live on with us, a great man, husband and farther. You are always the main man and a pleasure to surf with R.I.P my friend.

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A sad loss for his family and for the industry ... a legend !

Sincere condolences

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Likewise I never met Colin but knew of his reputation as one of the industry leaders in board design and all round good guy. I add my condolences and thoughts to his family and friends.

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Oh my God... I can't believe that Colin is no longer with us... I lusted after an LCB board since I started k'surfing and remember seeing one of the boards that he designed for the (very) young Mr Hadlow.

Ever since then I wanted one and finally managed to get him to build one for me after lots of long chats over the 'phone. It still features on his website and I really love this board.

R.I.P Colin - you'll be really missed as one of the true talents in this sport.

p.s. Tony - can we not start up a tribute to Colin... maybe a gallery of photos from everyone who bought an LCB?
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the last time i saw him he was in a bad way, sat in his garden in his wheel chair in the sunshine, with the same wit and humor that he always had. the same cheeky smile and ear for a bit of gossip.

seeing him out surfing at Gwitian 8 weeks after his operation was a real eye opener as to what the human spirit can achieve when you put your mind to it. so sad that it didnt come off.

those two images are how i will remember him, defiant and a fighter right to the end.

my thoughts are with Caroline and the children.
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A very sad day..... :cry:

what a guy, I spent sooooo many enjoyable hrs drinking coffee and talking shop with the man...

My heart goes out to Caroline, Mia and Josh...

RIP mate...

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It is a sad day indeed.. Colin.. a great guy.. easy to get on with.. a true legend.. our thoughts are with Caroline and the family .. what can one person do or say at this hardest of times.. the next wave I will catch for you Colin

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Very sad news. The industry has lost a huge talent.
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cant believe it.. a figure head in kiting. he will be very missed. my thoughts are with his family. legend!
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This is a tragic loss especially to such a young family.
Total legend and all around top bloke.

RIP dude.
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Top fella and an ispiration to so many,
shocked and sad to hear this news!

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:shock: :cry: :cry: :cry:
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Oh my god.....i feel stunned!

I cannot find the words.............but to say what a loss of a great bloke :(

RIP Colin, and heartfelt condolences to your family and closest!!!

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