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On the whole, these forums have unlimited access for most users, there are however, some restrictions regarding trade and dealer access.

Trade ExpoThis area is located in the busiest area of the Forum, near the “Chicken Loop” and is for brands, importers, etc to make product announcements and post news items, this also includes access to the “Trade Lounge” where posts can be prepared prior to posting

Dealer SalesLocated in the “Kiteboarder Market” this area provides a great opportunity for dealers wanting to announce special offers, list new and used stock, etc. (please note - This forum supports the UK kite industry, dealers from outside the UK will not be given access to this area, any attempts to get round this by advertising in the private sales area will result in your a**e getting banned)

Kitesurfing Instruction & Kitesurf HolidaysAlso located in the “Kiteboarder Market” the ideal place to promote your Kitesurfing Schools and holidays!

If you subscribe to the above areas, please keep your posts in those areas, try to avoid jumping on the back of every private post and please do not PM users directly in an effort to make a sale.

If you are a brand rep, shop etc and do not wish to subscribe to these areas, please do not promote your business on this site, we have seen every way round it :roll:

For more info, PM Tony or e-mail