Dental implants in Hungary?

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Well, it says off topic! So here goes!

I'm considering dental implants, but the price in the UK is pretty steep, and having looked around on tinternet, Hungary seems to be an option, the standard of dentistry is high, and the prices much lower than here.
Has anyone any experience of treatment in Hungary, or recommendations?
Of course, there are lots of reviews online, but being the synic that I am, I would prefer personal recommendation to taking pot luck based on what I find online.
Look forward to the replies.

Thanks in advance.
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I need a single implant, but for that I will stay in there UK, if it was more I'd consider going over seas
Looking at 1K for a single tooth, providing my jaw bone is up to the Job

Have you seen the video about Shane McGowan of the Pogues and his new teeth? The rest of him is still fooked though!

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I just had a fair bit of work done here in UK, I'd not been to the dentist for over twenty years and that last time was the first for ten! So once in the last thirty years. Anyway I had Dental Sedation so they could do a lot more work than normal in each session (two appointments)

Cost me a fortune too!
Then again spread that over thirty years and it's a bargain!

Check some of the "dental sedation" vids on youtube

This was me on way home (joking)
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