Does gear win titles?…

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Re: Does gear win titles?…

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Some great takes on the question. I'm not going to go into the great detail that some of you have but in short I think kites especially are now very similar "off the shelf" and some riders will get the best from the kite than others. It must be fact that you can put a top rider on any of 6 different kites and they will do their whole routine on that kite "BUT" take their routine to another level and bring in a high level of competition and this is where they will favour one of the kites, this kite they choose may be a different kite to one of his fellow competitors as I do believe there is an element of personal choice and comfort rather than one kite being the king for everyone. What I do think makes a big difference is when a brand works with a rider and is interested in feedback and suggestions to help tune that kite to take the rider to the next stage, this is where kite development moves forward and where the rider gets a kite that is in tune with him. Of course there will always be a certain kite that a rider will just click with and physcologically the rider will improve and it will follow that skills will improve, having total confidence in your kit is a massive advantage. I feel if you are riding kit just because you got a deal on it is not good for your riding or your soul, if you don't really love your kit it will effect your practice and results.
So I agree with the combination of good kit and good rider being the key, I don't think a top rider on unsuitable kit or top notch kit with a sub standard rider would work to full potential. I would say to guys looking for kit to suit them to take advantage of the many demo days that are offered by shops and schools around the country, the guys that put these on generally know their stuff and can help you get the best from the kit on the day, that's something you won't get by trying to save a few quid shopping in the virtual world. $hit, did I say "in short" at the beginning.

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Re: Does gear win titles?…

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james wrote:It just happened with Youri.

He signed for Best mid season(ish) and loved the best gear so much he stayed competing on his RPMs until the season ended and he could start work on his new kite, he said as much in his first Best interview that he was looking forward to putting his stamp on the TS i think it was.

anyway thats a cheap and easy shot so will leave it there… :-D

Let's not

Apparently hangtime not as good as them Slingshot kites. Not really suitable for jumping piers me thinks :-D

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Re: Does gear win titles?…

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the pier was Jumped with a JN kite.

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Re: Does gear win titles?…

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A Pier was jumped with a JN kite
A Pier was jumped with a Slingshot kite
Another pier was jumped with a Slingshot kite
Another Pier was jumped with a Flexifoil kite.

whats your point?

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Re: Does gear win titles?…

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Bigmac wrote:A pier was FIRST Jumped with a JN kite.

Corrected that for you, people seem to be forgetting that jake jumped a pier first, the Americanisation of the facts should be corrected.

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