(edit) what are the best kite bindings

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very good billy goat, if what you had written made sense it might have been funny :wink:

alternatively lots of people will view you with suspicion as you walk to the water with your boots board, shorts half way down your ass and a massive xxxxL t shirt over your harness and suit, then proceed to fall about laughing as you stuggle to get into the boots then on every run all jumps are sent hooked in dangles with the odd dead man thrown in, but none of this matters to the binding warrior as he knows that he is the coolest lookin mofo on the beach and anyone that says otherwise is just a foot hook goblin that still uses their board handle.

the other interesting thing about the binding warrior is his love of bow kites, none of the old school C kites for him as the messiah (dre) rides a bow kite so therefore they are the shiz for wake style and nothing will convince him otherwise.

all sweeping opinions in the above text are not wholely representative of either boot or strap riders and are meant as a joke so please dont get upset.

boots, straps, no straps, twin, wake, surf etc its all good!
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I got Near new synergys size large and a brand new 139cm concept for sale, sorry to hiiijak your thread, but thought it might help if ur after a set!
kite man yan
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james wrote:yan at risk of bursting your bubble the haze will take bindings the liquid force boots with the pro plate, you will need to drill it though, but the haze wont be the best bet due to it being so softand being pretty small and narrow, how heavy are you by the way?

hey guys,
i only weigh like 8 stone so do u think escalde or syergry bindings would go on my 128cm haze? + all my tricks are realy pop orentated tricks so things like raileys, slim chances,blind judge etc. so im into wake style big time.
Thanks everyone Kite man yan.
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love it, rocking Slims and asking for advice :P
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Tone wrote:love it, rocking Slims and asking for advice :P
LOL + 1. Surely if you are doing slims and blind judges you should know a bit more?

Custard test required. Photos/video please.
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james wrote:not acording to ali over on kitescoop...

yours were free bees you tightwad! have a good time at hunny, good luck mate!
There were some little issues on the inner lining ripping on the 08's, mainly dew tot he cable riders ramming there feet in every two minutes, when I tryed the 09's at the cable im pretty sure you wont get any better. :-D

I won Kevin's old boots but they got lost in the transit/customs so they never came which sucked.

Sam was ripping it at hunny and bagged 1st. I brought home 1st in the juniors
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There isn't really such a thing as the best kite bindings, in the same way that there isn't a best kite board. Different riders have different opinions and requirements from the stuff they ride.

It's mainly important to consider comfort and stiffness. Make sure you get the right size!
Some riders like soft bindings, some like stiff bindings.
If you want a really soft ride then the Liquid Force Unions are a good start.
The 09 Synergys or 07/08 Escalades are stiffer and offer loads more support.
I've just fitted a pair of 08 SS Floyds to test out, but I dropped a rock on my leg so it's the first time in 7 years that I'm not riding every week.

I generally ride closed toe to keep my feet warmer so maybe that's another thing to consider.

Regarding durability, if you're riding every week then every binding I've used gets pretty trashed after a season of use - much the same as a pair of trainers I guess.

Here's a shameless plug to an article I wrote about bindings...
http://www.session1.com/buyers-guide/bi ... 3_581.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

The rules are slightly different for you because you are light!
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