Exmouth Duck Pond Seasonal restrictions

Camber Sands to Exmouth ~ Local info and chat.
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Thu Oct 01, 2009 4:59 pm

As you may know the duck pond in Exmouth sits within the Exe estuary. The estuary has the highest level of environmental protection available, it is a very important site especially for bird life (the feathered sort).

Between the months of October till the end of December there is an exclusion zone on the east side of the duck pond to allow the migrating birds to feed in peace. This area is out of bounds for all water activities not just kitesurfing. Please check out this web page for more details http://www.edgewatersports.com/?p=566

If you are visiting Exmouth and not sure where you can ride please come into the shop or chat to a local. There is still plenty of area outside of the exclusion zone to kite in so we should be able to keep everyone happy if we try! Last year there were loads of issues with kitesurfers disregarding the rules hopefully this year it will be better. This only applies to the duck pond the seafront is not affected.
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