HELP! Erratic Kite??

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Thu Oct 25, 2018 12:57 pm

I have a 12m Ocean Rodeo Prodigy which belongs to a friend who is relatively new to the sport . I personally have an Ocean Rodeo Razor 9m kite at the moment.

Here lies the problem.... On days where I an get up and get going on my 9m kite; his 12 meter constantly stalls out the stay, falls out the neutral zone into the power zone and sends hims off down the beach at considerable pace. His bar is fully sheeted out and his "de-power" strap is at "fully powered". It often moves erratically in the air often diving itself into the power zone or off to the other side of the window with no input from the bar.

He completely lost all confidence in what he was doing and has almost given up.

He recently went on holiday to Thailand and kindly left his 12M kite for me to play with. I experienced the exact same problems with it. Even when launching the kite at the edge of the wind window it shoots straight into the power and leaves you digging your heels in as you hurtle down the beach.

With my limited knowledge I tried swapping the pigtails off my 9m Razor onto the 12m Kite which seemed to help slightly although it was still really underpowered for the wind conditions and the size of the kite.

Any Ideas??

Many thanks!
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