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Fri Apr 22, 2011 9:23 pm

more help again
how exactly do you get airs in cross on waves i cant even get the board fins out of the water i got the board off the water a little tonight but only a little it feels the same as when i was trying them on the surfboard
i am trying strapless and dont really want to send the kite back i have seen some cool vids on the net but they are hard to see what exactly they are doing
thanks a million any help much appreciated :-D
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Mon May 23, 2011 4:18 pm

You need to get a momentum while going on the wave...jump off the lip and turn the board towards the wind so it holds it tight - it's like a swing!
If you wanna grab the board you can do so for the beginning or if you feel like it!
The bar must be in 1/2 depower so you don't overtake the board...when you land point the board 80% downwind...power up and leave with a :)

The trick is to try to place the surfboard where the wind can't take it away!

1) Placing the board upwind on the air
2) Placing the board parallel with the wind so the wind going below the board is the same with the wind going over the the kite when it's at 12 o'clock!

Practice leads to perfection!

P.S. If you ride a thruster board remove the middle fin = more skaty feel...leaves the water more easy...good for learning to tack!
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