How to avoid kite stalling after a fall

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Re: How to avoid kite stalling after a fall

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I know what you mean. I personaly don't think i am too bad at the control part as Used LEi's in my Buggies so much the same easy does it and control it. But yeah I can see if some one was on off on off that could really up set the balance of the kite. I was out the other night and at times the gusts came in and it was a matter of letting off much like sailing trimming the sail to suit conditions.

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Re: How to avoid kite stalling after a fall

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southseasailor wrote:I was told on this site, to pull on some depower when learning. Its easy to keep the bar in too close and get a backstall, which hinders your progress. It helped me quite a lot.

Yeah I agree with this whole-heartedly. One of the reasons your kite could be stalling is because its not trimmed properly. I recommend trimming your kite so that when your bar is all the way in your kite is not back-stalling. I have found this great because it's basically an un-hooked set-up. It means you will have to ride a bit more agressively but allows you to head up-wind better as your body position tends to improve as your shoulders move back. It also means that when you are pulling your tricks, with the bar all the way in you will have a consistent power which will help you a lot at the start as it removes one variable (where is my bar? oh Sh*t i've stalled the kite!).

Crash course in trimming your kite.
On the beach- as long as it's not gusty, or super strong- put your kite at twelve, pull the bar in all the way and slowly pull in the de-power strap untill the kite stops falling backwards. move the kite a bit, back to twelve and check. If the kite is moving over your head then release the depower slighlty until its stationary. Check again.

A common misconception is that by pulling on the de-power strap you are de-powering the kite, however this is only half true, if you de-power the kite until it flies how I have said it is actually increasing the power in it. Basically you are decreasing the angle of attack on your "wing" so that you get maximum lift and minimum turbulence (which causes your back-stall)

On the water, Kite at 45, bar all the way in, again just fiddle with the de-power until it stops sliding backwards. I prefer this as it stops the kite from lofting you in strong winds. You can also do this on land, as a fine tuning technique, walk towards the kite as it's in this position, you might find that you may have to trim it a tiny bit more.

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