Kiteshow Episode 8

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Its here...Kiteshow episode 8.

This "Christmas Special" is co-presented by Lewis Crathern and includes a short interview on his move to Best Kiteboarding. There is a great round up of the "top 12" videos from 2012 - which shows what a great year it has been, lots of those videos are already or soon will be classics. There is the usual news and features including a chance to win a Best Profanity Wakestyle board.

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Checkout the episode hompage here:" onclick=";return false;
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Lewis crathern, Best interview, win a best board. Sorry who sponsored this episode!?
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Bigmac wrote:Sorry who sponsored this episode!?
Hmm, titles and credits say its sponsored by Best Kiteboarding, though could be a conspiracy to put you off track... :-)
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I wonder what Lewis's input to the kite design will be?????

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I though Lewis had a T4 ?
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ive tried
you cant kiteloop a Golf.......
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alberto wrote:ive tried
I cant kite loop or play Golf.......
Fixed that for you
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