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Andrew McMillan
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Kite Review: 2013 BEST GPv2

My Best GP v2 Quiver: 13, 11, 9, 7m

First Impressions

Straight from the factory, the kites are neatly boxed up in their own individual boxes. Upon opening the box, I was quite surprised the kites came with 2 bags. 1 bag is more like a travel/tent style of bag where as the other bag is a more sturdy and rustic type of bag that we are normally used to seeing. The bigger bags are great because once the kites are packed down to suitable size; you could easier fit two kites in one bag.

First impressions - well, what can I say? I did have the pleasure of flying the 2006/2007 Waroo’s for a couple of years, back in the day. These were great kites for their time, but not the best build quality if I have to be honest. Coming from riding Slingshot Rally’s, I was a little anxious about the build quality that the GP was offering as my mind kept putting me back to the 2006/7 kites. Well, I tell you now, it is first class. It has to be one of the best-built kites I have seen for a while.

The first thing that strikes you when you get the kite out for the first time is the new double core RS fabric. It looks and feels quality! The use of this fabric will no doubt increase the strength and durability of the overall kite. The kite has also the option to twin tune through attachment points, which gives you multiple tuning options on the front and rear lines. In addition to this, the kite offers you the set-up between freestyle and wake style setting so you can find the best possible performance matching your riding style. All the attachment points next to the leading edge are well protected with Kevlar patches, which are always very nice to see, as you have the peace of mind that the attachments will not rub a nice hole in your leading edge.

In order to further improve the quality of the overall kite, I would like to see the leading edge reinforced slightly around some of the key stress points where the stitching is. Currently the stitching on the leading edge is not protected, so I would if you self launch a lot, you may find some wear in this area. However, the areas concerned are double stitched, but Kevlar patches over contact points would be a nice feature. Only a slight negative though.

Before I flew these kites, I just had to step back and admire the graphics. In my opinion, I think the graphics are great! May not be for everyone’s liking but I think they give that feeling of COME AND RIDE ME!

In the Air

The kite is so solid and stable in the air, it brought an instant smile to my face and I knew that this kite would progress my unhooking. Through the turns it is very smooth in delivering the power and you can tell straight away that the GP is a user friendly C kite and will not kill you like other C kites I have tried in the past.

I found the bar pressure on the GP to be quite heavy and it takes some force to initiate a turn also, which will please all freestylers out there - it stays right where it was left unless you're really assertive with it! However, this being said, there are a two other adjustments points on the wingtips where the bar pressure can be altered for it to be lighter. At the moment, I quite like feeling and knowing what the kite is doing so I always tend to set up my kites with a decent amount of bar pressure.

The GP however, is very different to the Slingshot Rally’s that I have been riding of late so initially has taken me a few session to find the correct setup and get that overall feel for the kite. However, once you have found that correct set up right for yourself you will instantly have a smile on your face.

The jumping characteristics of the GP are great. It shoots you up to the moon when you have some wind behind you and doesn’t drop you like a stone once it decided to come back down. Get a kite loop in, and you will be shocked how quick it loops. It just pulls all the way through the loop giving you that yeeeeha feeling.

Unhooking – I have only really started to get into the unhooking side of things last summer so I’m not the best, yes I can certainly pull off few of the basic unhooked moves, but I am only just and I say only just starting to get some handle-passes nailed!

However it’s a dream to unhook on the GP. The kite is excellent when unhooking as it is just so stable. It doesn’t rip your hands off (even when the winds strong) and when you go to edge and pop against the kite it delivers nice power and then lots of slack to perform that big air trick of yours. This kite is definitely the kite for me in order to get some unhooked tricks nailed!

The GP Performance Bar v2

The new bar is very nice indeed. I did have the slingshot comp stick, which in my opinion was one of the best bars around, but the new GP bar in my opinion ranks up with the best. Once you pick the bar up for the first time you know you have a quality product.

Safety is a push away bungee release that fires onto the 5th, a lot like the comp stick in terms of the release system. The plastic insert that houses the depower rope is very smooth so should stop the wear when running through the bar. I have used the bar now for around 6/7 session and the depower rope still looks brand new still.

The bar comes with a new BIG chicken loop and donkey dick which look the dogs. This makes thing a lot easier when initiating that unhooked move.

Oh and I nearly forgot, the bar - it's so comfy on the hands! Hopefully this will save my skin on my hand when riding a lot throughout the summer.


Overall, I am VERY pleased with the 2013 Best GP. I was a little shocked on how different the GPv2 was compared to my old Slingshot Rally’s. But then again, this is a C kite we are talking about at the end of the day.

It did take me a few sessions to get used to the kite and to find my favoured set-up, but once I did, I have never stopped smiling! :D :D

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I take it you tested one of these before you purchased your quiver.Nice detailed review .
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I have read this and come to the conculsion that.. YOU LIKE YOUR EXPENSIVE NEW QUIVER!

just joshin.. good review!
Andrew McMillan
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paulie_amoose wrote:I have read this and come to the conculsion that.. YOU LIKE YOUR EXPENSIVE NEW QUIVER!

just joshin.. good review!

Ha ha...thanks for your comments guys!

Yes, it was a little expensive to change :shock: However, I tend to change my quiver over every 2 seasons. That way I can still sell my kites on for a decent price and get some of the initial cost back.

I better start saving for the 2015 gear! :roll:
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I hope you come back and tell it the way it is after that Pryde factory material does what it does and the fifth line bow ties nicely for you..

Your Rallys will probably still be flying nicely...
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nice to see you are liking them Andrew, post more up as you get further into unhooking and your experience with the kites
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Oooooooooo GRF getting a bit touchy there!
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I was watching Andrew's old Rally getting slammed over and over into the beach at the hands of his new owner this weekend... It was probably a good call on his part to stay in bed, as I'm sure he'd have shed a tear or two :)
It is still in one piece.... for now :)
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