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Fri Nov 17, 2017 7:58 am

Hi all,
First up the new forum looks great!
OneDeisgn Racing UK is bringing NeilPryde CR:X racing to the UK. We are in the process of creating a UK tour for next year and are going to demos over the winter to get people to have a taste of racing. We have enough kit for around 22 riders at any event and we are already having a lot of interest!
CR:X is a fun and accessible pathway racing class suitable for all ages and abilities. Our aim is to get riders int racing so we can continue the UK's reputation on the world stage into the future. It is convertible so we can race TT course racing and KiteCross then we can add a hydrofoil for foil course racing. So far this year we have had a demo where guys were flying on the foil in 8 to 10knts of wind, followed by an amazing Youth Development day where we had kids as young as 11 ripping and racing in 25+knts in TT mode.
Check out the website and Facebook page to stay up to date, or get in contact if you wish to be a part of this fantastic new racing class. We are actively looking for ambassadors around the country to promote racing as a super fun kite discipline that is open to everyone.
Jack - OneDesign Racing UK
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