North Kiteboarding Click Bar - The Gamechanger!

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Mon Nov 07, 2016 2:38 pm

tried this out in Brazil a few weeks ago, rode it on a 9m North Dice. The click mechanism releases about 2cm of back lines per click so you have to click a few times to release a decent amount of power.
I didn’t power-up the bar as I only rode it for about 20 minutes.
However, as I came back on to the beach and landed I realised the depower line had jammed through the bar. The depower line is a hollow plastic tube guided by two small round bars inside the bar. The depower line had folded sideways between them. Another person on the trip had experienced the same thing while riding.

its super easy to reach the button to depower. I struggle to reach up to the depower strap on my Airush 2015 AP bar.

I still think its a solution looking for a problem though and after using one I'm not tempted in any way to go out and buy one.
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