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Fri Sep 30, 2016 10:45 am

I have been kiting for quite a while, and like many on here, learnt to ride on old school C kites (ravens, fuels, torchs), and small, flat, stiff, twin tips. Over the years I ended up with a mixed bag of kites including hybrids such as RPM's, Hadlow ID's etc. I have tended to spend more time on these kites as I was able to switch between a surfboard and twin tip during the same session, but as a result found myself enjoying my twin tip riding less and less, and riding a surfboard more and more.

The last twin tip I bought was a supershinn, and tbh I never really got on with. I find it slow to accelerate, and find that you have to load it for a long time to generate a decent takeoff. Whilst I'm sure it's just technique, I prefer a fast forward flying kite, and a board which needs a short quick snap to generate the pop.

In bid to try an revive my love for freestyle kiting, I dug out my old Nobile 666 and an old 9m Fuel, and the difference is astonishing. I was instantly loving the response of the kit, riding aggressively, and boosting like I feel I used to be able to. It's also the first time in years that I have been genuinely scared on a kite, and reminded me what I love about kiting.

Anyway seems to me the biggest difference for me was the style of board, and unfortunately the reason I upgraded my board in the first place was that my Nobile 666 was cracked. On my last session, the board has sustained a near fatal injury, and I'm not sure it will survive repair.

Anyone got an opinion what is the most similar in style of riding to this board??? Nobile NHP??? NHP Carbon???

Mike b, as you were the brand rep for many years, can you give some ideas???

If anyone has a Nobile 666 132 x 41 (or 134x42) that they would like to part with, I would be very interested.

Likewise, if anyone has any 07/08 Fuels, Torches, or Ravens in smaller sizes for sale, I would also be interested.
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Fri Sep 30, 2016 11:43 am

That's funny, I loved the 555 but did not get on with the 666.

I think Shinn was a designer with Nobile??? so am sure something in the Shinn range would probably suit, never tried a supershinn but love the Monk.
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Fri Sep 30, 2016 12:07 pm

Horses for course... I also still have a 555 which my missus uses and its still a decent board, but no where near as aggressive as the 666.

Tried a monk on demo, but thought it was a bit soft. Nice board, but not that exciting. Prob quite similar the supershinn
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Sat Oct 01, 2016 4:21 pm

The Ultrasonic has immense stamp pop similar to the 666... there are only a few left and on sale in the size I think the size you'd want - the 135x40.

Reason on sale as something new coming http://www.powerkiteshop.com/shinn-rons ... oCjz_w_wcB
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