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On this day, ten years ago, at around this time, I finished installing the forum software on a server (12:06 PM to be exact) and kiteboarder.co.uk was born!

The rest is history!

Thanks for all your support for the last ten years


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Thanks for your support more like:) its been a very handy site
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Well dne Tone. Great achievement. Thanks
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Yeah. Thank you and Happy Birthday, kiteboarder forum!
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It's been a fun 10 years Tony. A huge well done to you fella.
And hey look!!! almost 10 years since I joined :-D
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Time passes so fast!
well done Tony.
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Good work dude.
The bit I find amazing is that you did it 10 years ago! Most of us had barely heard of the internet back then, never mind thought of setting up websites.
Keep up the good work!
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Great Forum Tony.
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10 yrs ago I had heard of kitsurfing but didn't think I would take it up. Been a good Forum, certainly helped me a lot when I started out.
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Happy birthday kiteboarder.co.uk
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Thanks for the time and effort you put in for us :-)
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Happy birthday kiteboarder. And thanks for all the effor you put in to running the board Tony, (Wont ask how many times you have been on holiday over that period :wink: )
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I've sold stuff on here, bought stuff on here, got great support and advice and quite a few laughs cheers Tony. Happy Birthday kiteboarder

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Yes, thanks for keeping it going. 10 years later and I'm still shit!
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Well done and long live kiteboarder.co.uk .
I am a Brit who lives in oz and always enjoy browsing your site Tony .
Great contributions from passionate kiters .
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