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Patos - New flat non crowded spot in Brazil

Posted: Sun May 26, 2019 4:34 pm
by bobibob
200 km northeast of Fortaleza (North East Brazil) is the village of Patos and its flat lagoons. Located at the mouth of a river, the spot of Patos offers perfect spots for kitesurfing : flat water, constant side-on shore wind and practically nobody in the water. The village of Patos is not developed touristically. It is very quiet but there is one small beach hotel and one kitesurf school called Villa Aloha.
Do not expect big parties at night but rather a relaxing stay in front of the ocean and the shade of the coconut trees. On the program, kite sessions on the different spots offered by Patos (various lagoons on the ocean side and freshwater lagoon, wave spot, downwinds), exotic meals based on grilled fish, seafood and tropical fruits, siestas en hammock, caipirinha at the hotel bar.