Rally or Switchblade

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Wed Jun 14, 2017 11:12 pm

About to upgrade my 2008 Waroo's to either 12 & 9m Slingshot Rallys or Cabrinha Switchblades. Had Slingshot in the past and thought they were good (except the Links). I kite from pebble/shingle beach so need a kite which will stand up to that when setting up etc.

I'm an average kites, just enjoy blasting around, carving turns and the odd jump. I'm hoping to get back into a bit of small surf riding but nothing major. I don't do anything unhooked. I am hoping next year to have a go with a foil.

As I've never flown either kite, any suggestions? ( these are the two I like the look of so don't really want more options).

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