red sea

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red sea

Post by blade72003 »

think of plans for a trip to the red sea to go kitesurfing is there are spots or company that people could says was any good looking at going in may 19th

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Post by glyn »

Take a look at sportif's web site for acrobat versions of the brochures, which show most Egyptian locations. search this forum for more information on some of the locations. Try

For my money you can't beat Colona at Hurghada :lol: although today they don't seem to have any wind :oops:

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Post by blade72003 »

right ive book the week off work ive got from the 20th of may untill wallop which is the 29th to go think of Hurghada is there any where i should look for best deals think going on my own so school near by is sort of a must

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Post by Cheddaz »

Try el gouna instead ... just up the road and much nicer

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Post by The Fish »

What are the advantages of El Gouna over Hurghada?

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Post by kitedude »

just back from a week at magawish (hughrada).

had plenty of wind and beer.

Mark Shinn was there last week and will there for the next 2 weeks. He's a top bloke and offers great advice even if your not doing his clinic.

Petra Goeschl was also there. So theres plenty of talent on the water riping it up.

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Post by skyte »

Moon beach if you want a more chilled experience with private lagoons and the same excellent Egyptian wind stats.

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Post by Rake »

Bawaki on the gulf of Aquaba side of the sinai about half way up. (near Nuweiba)

Those who know it - love it. 8)

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Re: red sea

Post by denys »

Hi all,

A quick note on my trip to El Gouna in Dec 07. Went from the 14 to the 28th. Had a fantastic time with the RedSeaZone team. Simply put, they are the best team around! From zero to IKO Level 2 without too much pain and a lot of practice time!. Really enjoyed my time over there. Thanks to all the RSZ team and Barry for his great intructor skills.

Difference between El Gouna and Hurghada is that El Gouna is a full town with all you will ever need inside it. TownCentre, shops, stores, discos, beach, bars, Marina etc... (Good for the missus... keeps her entertained!) while in Hurghada you are just staying in a hotel and then need to go out of the hotel to find anything else.

many people mentioned that when in Hurghada, they needed at least 30mins to get to the kite centres or kite places. In El Gouna transport is very cheap in the local TokTok and from quite early in the morning you can be up in the air!

Will post a few photos soon! If you need any info on El Gouna let me know. Happy to help or comment!

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Re: red sea

Post by G1BBY »

Well that has saved me a new thread!! Was going to post about which group/company to choose at el Gouna, so thanks Denys. I'm just about starting from zero, had some lessons in el Medano last year but never had time to get up on the board. So I'm going to el Gouna in March and hopefully I will get standing.

If anyone else has thoughts on who's good/who's not so good for kitesurfing or any tips food/trips/things to do in el Gouna I would appreciate any help.


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Re: red sea

Post by ohneill »

Try here for a start

There's a fantastic restaurant down on one of the canals (just over a bridge near down town main square) - you get a starter mezze for next to nothing (or free as we got it!) - fills you up so much you hardly need a main course - fresh bread made in an open oven - marvellous :!:

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Re: red sea

Post by jamesb1 »

hi every1 im new to this forum and new to kitesurfing i have had 3 or 4 lessons im up on the board and totaly stoked my furthest is like 300 yards but hey im getting there iv jus bought myself sum kit a 2007 blade virtigo 12m 100%depower bow kite ,brunotti horizon board also a 2002 cabrina co2 dart 9.7m 7.5m srface area c kite an a seat harness im flying out to egypt sharm el sheik on the 10th of this month an im taking my kit do any body know of any places in sharm that is ok to kite also do i need to be aware of any problems i am just really open to any tip or advice small or big i totalt understand u wont beat the knollege of your own instructor and that is y hes the instuctor an i aint (5***** lessons with marc @ blast kiteboarding south wales top bloke) an will prob take a couple more lessons wen i get bk from holiday if not lessons will deff be going surfing with him any way lol but any advice at all is gueinly appreciated

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Re: red sea

Post by scubareefie »

Dahab Rocks. Hilton Hotel is good base.

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Re: red sea

Post by looploop04 »

Hi guys,

Really enjoying all the tips written in here and want to throw a question into the mix. I want to go for a 1 week 'beginner to winner' course with my girlfriend in July and having had a look around at the possible options, the big question is....

Nabq or El Gouna???

Also, the prices look like flights are going to be £350, hotel 300EUR and instruction/kit hire 500EUR... which to me seems really expensive. Am I missing a trick here?

Look forward to hearing your thoughts

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Re: red sea

Post by cowboy »

flight depends where you are flying from and who you are prepared to go with.

Just back from a week in Nabq with Kitejunkies;

Flew Easyjet: £220 from Luton including extra £37 for kite gear

Hotel booked through, on my own so didnt mind risking a cheap all inclusive and have stayed in alot worse places. Went for Horizon Sharm hotel £220 1 week.
Drawbacks: 20 min walk to kitejunkies, only brit in the hotel (rest Russian, Polish), food very samey all week and not massive choice
Plus: saved £150 on what Regency Plaza would be, food wasnt bad, rooms clean, hotel just taken over by a new company so maintenance happening all round.

Course wise you'll be looking at the same price most places if on holiday. You could go for lessons in the UK first and rent kites etc on holiday?

I was lucky this past week with wind as there was some every day, even 3 days it was all day. Week before had none, this week as the wind is not much and for a short period Kitejunkies openening at 6:30am so people can kite till the wind dies off around 11am

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