review of the flysurfer 15mtr speed 3 deluxe

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Sat Sep 11, 2010 6:40 pm

Well we did it, Wayne & myself took the demo flysurfer 15mtr speed 3 deluxe out to play, and did it play!

Neither of us have ever seen this kite around the beaches so were a little confused when I shook it free of its bag, it fell to the sand with bar attached to the lines and bridle lines every where, not being the last person to use the kite ensured it looked to us like a can of spaghetti with a kite attached somehow, but not to worry as wayne has had previous experience with this type of kite before(11 years ago) and we soon had it laid out, a passing landboarder/kitesurfer said “that’s way to powerful for todays wind boys” Really I was thinking, its only 22mph, whimp!
Feeling all sort of nervous I volunteered Wayne to be first to have a go, (he is younger and can take pain better than me) getting the kite in the air for us first timers was not to hard, and as wayne waited for the kite to fill we watched in awe as the shape unfolded above us, wow! What a stunning looking kite, so long and so very thin, solid as a rock in the air, the wind was gusty but the kite did not move or judder/ flutter or bounce in the air, wayne comfrmed the kite was so stable it defied belief, his then disappeared downwind slowly as his large brick house frame was then dragged along as he pulled in slightly on the bar, the pull through the power line is so strong it prevents you digging your heels in, and walking to the water is more like walking on air, and if you pull the bar in very slightly then up you go, great fun! and we just knew today was going to be fun!
Wayne grabbed his board and I grabbed my I phone to video the first attempt on this attention grabbing kite,
The water was 10 inch deep so Wayne was silly to go so high on his first attempts,(dont copy this at home kids) the you tube video below shows the jumps but in real life they were much higher :confused:

The hang time is unreal, (checking on google I found out that this kite holds the hang time world record)
I had seen enough and we transferred the kite over to me as the water was disappearing fast and was now under 6 inch deep with sandy mounds showing all over, the kite pulls so hard through the center line it lifted me clear over all the sandy mounds between the water pools, no other kite would do that! The bar pressure is very light, and steering is not fast, but that was expected, what was not expected was just how easy it is the get big air, but we both could not get the height we wanted as neither of us could dig the rail in for extra pop, the kites power delivery was so strong we were in full control of the kite but not in control of our edging, my 14 stone frame ( been on a diet) was only transferring maybe one stone to the board, it sounds like we were over powered, but we weren’t, the kite was so controllable, power delivery was so smooth, silky smooth like you will never have felt before on normal LEI’s,
So back to the boosting, picking up speed was easy then carve into wind and pull in the bar, going up! Going up! Still going up, take hands of bar, remove sunglasses to wipe clear for the view, put back on, going up! Then glide, and float slowly down, touching down as light as a feather, wow! repeat and repeat until the lagoon was dry,
Never got to try any kite loops as water was far to shallow and we were not sure the kite would go all the way round, but others assure us it will,
Anyways after a little struggle getting it back in the bag we shot up to shell island where the wind had dropped to 16-18mph, this time I launched the kite which needs practice, which I lacked, but up it went along with my heart rate which had reached dangerous levels for my age, phew! I was expecting to get dragged around as the kite was trying to fill as it danced around directly down wind, but it was not to bad at all, and with practice would be much easier, the waves at shell island were close in and around 4ft high, easy I thought, but oops what a mess I got in, the kite being what it is would not move as quick as my LEI kites and my timing was miles out as I tried to get through the little wave sets, this resulted in me being bashed around like a rag doll as I kept missing my take of points and then flying straight into the face of the waves, wallop wallop, glug glug, body dragging is a art that need re-learning with these kites, the power nearly ripped my arm off as I laid it out to steer upwind, and depowering in on the bar does little to take the power down to levels I could cope with, then as I turned the kite back to turn the other way the power lifted me clear out the water and 10ft down wind, dragging back the other way ripped off my other arm and this continued until "wayne surf rescue service" came and picked up my board, I dragged back armless to the beach, and then blew up my 13 mtr bandit and restored my mojoe by going back out through the waves to show who was boss, me this time!
Again getting the flysurfer back in its bag was achieved easily after I had worked it out that it was better to lie down on the kite to expel the air through its exhaust flaps, keeping the kite clean of sand is impossible, so that went into the bag as well, its all now on my patio drying out so I can send it back in clean condition,

Will I buy one? Yes, but I think I will wait till next year and try to pick one up second hand, they are not cheap.and I will not be using it as my first choice kite.

Should you try one? You must! get a ride on one before you ever dismiss them, they are truly awesome for anything connected with airtime, board offs would be something to try whilst waiting around up there, boosting is so easy my sister could do it, and she can’t kitesurf, get the jumps dialled in and then boosting over very long distances are easy, jumping then gliding over a dry beach remove board and float down? Piece of cake!
It was a great day until the timing over waves totally bamboozled me, but practice would soon sort that out,
So the kite will be sent back next week with fond memories of a great boosting session with hang time that I will never experience again unless I buy one of these great looking kites.
click link to see jumps in 6 inch of water, not recommended and very silly, stupid in fact! ... 8lryuZwgzQ
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Sat Sep 11, 2010 11:58 pm

I know what you mean about float - here's a vid of Tone Jumping over me in about 20 ish mph on his 15 dlx
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Sun Sep 12, 2010 8:28 am

Sounds like you enjoyed it colin. Did u get to try it out in light winds with a race board? As you found out its not a kite for the waves. TMW
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Sun Sep 12, 2010 2:00 pm

Colin, when you get the hang of it you easily double your height in those winds.... I can see you had the kite depowered which you really don't need that much in that wind. once you get the hang of edging against it you will see the kite ends up right at the edge of the window and stops pulling as much,

great you had such a good time on it!

p.s. it will loop, well downloop." onclick=";return false;
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