Sad news from Mui Ne, Vietnam

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Just spoke to a friend of mine who works out in Vietnam. A Swiss girl was found by a couple of beach boys face down a few kilometres off shore without a kite or board, unfortunately they were not able to revive her. It's not clear exactly what happened but it's a good reason to be reminded of one of the golden rules: never go out further than you can swim back.

Sad times. RIP.
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sad news!
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I was on the beach that day. The girl was not far from the shore. She had released her kite and a jet ski had come to see if she was all right. She asked the jetski to go after the kite, not to help her. A few minutes later she was seen face down in the water. by the time she had been brought in it was to late to save her (CPR was perfomed for a long time).

The cause is suspected to be a heart attack. Although this isnt strictly a kite related death I guess the lesson is never value your kite more than yourself.

RIP and my thoughts go out to family and friends.
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Wait a moment... This IS a kite related death and is 100% malpractice. Her heart attack would most likely have come on due to the panic of having to release the kite and then be left with a swim in. The jet ski, going after the kite and not first bringing the casualty to the beach is basically the most fundamental error of all life saving. These under trained jet ski 'lifeguards' need to be jailed!
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Very Sad news!! Thoughts with friends and family!
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Deadman Kitesurfing wrote:Very Sad news!! Thoughts with friends and family!
not sure with a username like that you should be commenting!

but seriously, RIP.
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