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Wed Nov 18, 2015 7:55 am

Anyone have experience on the shinn u/s 2014 sub 20kts that can provide sizing advice? Looking to pair this up with a zephyr 17m for sub 20kts (70% of wind in my spot) to work on more freestyle moves.. Mostly hooked but would like to try unhooking... Need a board that will cover me from 12kts (at 73kg)- would a 42cm cover it or is this too much to handle with the parallel edges and square tips? I ride an old CF all round 137x43 sub 20kts (monk and Rebels for big air over 20kts) but it's got poor pop (stamp) but does get me going mowing from 10kts and jumping from 13-14...

Background: 73kg intermediate, old school, ride Rebels and shrinn monk (132x41) over 20kts and looking to transition to freestyle moves during the many sub 20kt periods :D
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Wed Nov 18, 2015 11:42 am

I owned a 135x41 2014 US and at 75kg could easily plane and have fun in 12knots with a 12m - unhooked railey/s-bends and low level hooked in tricks like back-roll hand drag etc. It is super efficient as the long rail and width 'bite' the water and go. I think that's the size you want as the bigger one might give you a few more knots but the grip from it will be immense and put pressure on your ankles and lower legs as if it picks up. It is an altogether different board compared to the much 'softer' CF

I had switched back to a 2015 Monk before getting a Bronq but now back on a 2016 136 US as it's a board I really rate. The ability to stamp it for both hooked and unhooked pop is IMO unmatched, but it does much more and is fun in a whole range of conditions... might even make the Monk defunct!?
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Wed Nov 18, 2015 5:37 pm

John, many thanks. Intuition told me 42 was probably gonna be too much with that rail and nice to hear it from somebody who uses and rates the US. The all round CF was a freebie and a lighter wind sesh saver when my monk wouldn't cut it, but the lack of good pop is killing me on the CF... Trick now is to hunt one of these elusive 2014 135 x 41s down (plenty of 42s out there!) Or throw money at the newer (better?) US. How does the 2016 compare to the 2014?
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Wed Nov 18, 2015 6:16 pm

I bought mine from here - great service and a bargain with the exchange rate :

Arrived in about 3 days.

I haven't got used to the US yet - I still compare everything to the hadlow mk2 which I wish they were still making....

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