shoulder injuries?

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How many of you guys get shoulder injuries kiting? IE Unhooked mainly.
From previous injuries, my shoulders are pretty weak- even once, when I popped to toe side, my shoulder dislocated....
wondering if anyone had any good exercises for strengthening shoulders for unhooked riding?
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You can do some stretches, got shown how to do a basic one some time ago when I was in Spain. I would describe it but you might be better off going to see a chiro or pyhsio and get proper tuition.

Doesnt sound good though, having a dislocation like that. Mate of mine had terrible problems with one of his shoulders..he was doing a lot of Moto X. Finally had surgery and I havent heard him complain since.

What I wonder, sometimes, is the ergonomics of the Bar and such like..seems to me they ought to be bent so as to let your forearms and wrists have a less stressed position? I know I am going off track, but even so.
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I Have the same problem, at 25 i have very weak left shoulder.... to the point where the other week i rode my surfboard done a toeside turn and in the process my arm caught the water so it dragged a little, the result i thought i'd dislocated my shoulder thats the first time its happend this year,

At the moment its getting better with lots of gym work, working Bi's, Tri's, shoulders and rotator cuff exercises, look these up there very simple but once worked on keep you shoulder in place,

last year was worse for me, riding cable and boots kiting, almost every crash even very small resulted in huge shape pain from my shoulder along my arm, then the arm going limp unable to supports its own weight almost, then not being able to lift my arm above my head with a little pain a day or so later,

i started using a moto cross shoulder brace, that helped a bit, worth trying... but i'd recommend gym work and strengthening all the muscles around the shoulder.

just be careful, having to have the jet ski at the cable park come get you because you cant get your boots off to swim in, is stupidly embarrassing!
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Interesting. I too have some shoulder/arm issues and often wondered if it's to do with kiting. My right shoulder felt like it popped out slightly once and I think I have a trapped nerve. Got a spot about halfway up my forearm that's sort of numb/tingly when pressed.
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Best physio for shoulder injuries. Built mine back up OK. Not the most interesting vid but you get the idea..." onclick=";return false;
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2 dislocations from kitesurfing.. Just had it stabilised and after 4 months of hard and painful physio I can kite again. Shoulder is solid but I do have some slight loss of range
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The mistake that most people make with their shoulders is lifting weights that are far too heavy which just ends up causing stressed/inflamed joints.

Especially doing straight-arm raises (lateral, front, rear) as these are not natural arm movements (as they don't involve bending your elbows) and really should be avoided until you've got a core strength built up from doing more natural movements like military presses, rear shoulder rows etc.

I have impingement in my left shoulder and know from experience that trying to do too much too fast just causes me to breakdown and have to start all over again.
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Best physio for shoulder injuries. Built mine back up OK. Not the most interesting vid but you get the idea..." onclick=";return false;
Yep...doing that basic exercise at the mo'.
also with it securely hooked over a door stand facing the door, pull the band down using the elbow flex but then rotate your arm back so your elbow and hand passes the side of your body, and your hand ends up around your side pocket...this is new to me this week...more pain it!
another one is continuous band waist size, put both hands in it and with the arms out infront, tension the band by trying to spread the hands and then slowly raise the arms together up over your head keeping the tension in the band.

Its important to build up the little muscles in and around the joint that stabilizes it, not just bang away on the big the bands work as its targeting the rotator cuffs .

bloody tedious and often painful i'm 4 months post op for rotator repair,front and rear stabilization and a decompression thrown in for good measure.(kiting accident)
Had some pretty bad and dark days when i just wanted to give up , but its slowly happening for me, hopefully back to work in 10 days or so.
kiting for me wont be for another 3-4 months i reckon..but i'm hoping i may get out sooner
get it strong ..dont cause further damage thinking its fine as you'll end up with operations and big lay offs
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Like Rakeem said, weights are meant to be tools. The amount of times I have seen young lads at work (we got a gym in the hangar I work in) heaving vast weights around just astounds me. Fact is they have age on their side but later on most will suffer badly.

Anyone had neck problems due to wiping out while kiting? had an issue for a while since my last prang..just wondering if it will heal. I got normal range of motion, mind you I do get arthritic problems with my neck..prangs prob dont help:)
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Most of my shoulder injuries came before I was 50 and from serious mountain biking before I took to kitesurfing for comfort. What my physio thought was that most peoples shoulders are significantly vulnerable through 70% of the range-of-movement because most peoples shoulder strength comes with the arms below the shoulder and as soon as you raise your arms you're in trouble unless you did some smart routines to build-up right through the possible range-of-movement.

This making sense ?

I use to ride unhooked all the time for three years after working on my vulnerable shoulders though I was riding surfboards and much smaller kites, it still didn't work. If I got yanked, I ended up with an inflamed shoulder so I took to comfort in all things kitesurfing.

My advise is to do lot's of gentle work above your shoulders, don't get suckered into weights until you're a Wales international. :-D 20-to-3 :-D
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