Camber Sands to Exmouth ~ Local info and chat.
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Many people kitesurf here on good days, I've seen a couple down the eastney end before ? I live on the seafront basically so would be good just walking down, instead of a drive around to hayling.

Attempted to get up on my board last lesson but seems very choppy at bracklesham bay where I've done my lessons. Just kept getting spun by breaking waves !!!

Has cbk got a waiting list for membership ?

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Re: Southsea

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I haven't kited at Southsea but I used to windsurf there a bit. Its not ideal for learning. The shore dump is pretty heavy and its fairly lumpy from memory. If you want fast progression you may find it better to drive to friendlier conditions until you have more experience.

CBK doesn't have a waiting list as far as i'm aware but the memberships all renew in the spring at the same time. You can get day memberships and then somehow refund them towards the cost of yearly membership when renewal time comes around. Phone up the shop for more info. Hayling is a good place to learn.

Hill Head and Calshot (near low tide) would be your other options for learner friendly conditions.

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