strapless surfboard kiteloop

Gybes, aerials and waveriding, put it in here!
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anyone help me with any links - im close - im only aware of ryan cootes with skimboards within uk im thinking this is the way forward as surfboards have fat rails and some of these strapless boards are hybrid with grip thin rails etc making life easier for the non mitos amongst us :?
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Ryan uses the underground kipuna with only 2 fins. How he manages to waveride it is beyond me, but it makes landings a bit easier on tricks like an air gybe, stuff like that.
For the back loop kiteloop, a lot of it depends on the kite you use. If you're close enough to go round the backie and crash on landing, it's probably cause your kite hasn't gone all the way round. Ryan uses the C4 or catalist Ozone, those will loop on a dime with minimum pull, that's what you want!
hope that helps...
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hi i think you need to be really comfortable with your gear i used to use bandits and never attempted any at all changen to the kahoonas and love them. spent the winter getting the backloops down on the 5.5 and the last couple of sessions i have just started the loop part on the 9.5 i try it with the loop straight away like a backloop kiteloop on a twin tip but the grab must be good and also your height. anoter alternative is to slowly bring the kite to twelve pop of the wave and do the back rool then loop the kite to get the landing. deffenately the thing that has helped me the most is the kahoonas to be honest
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hope this is of some help
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