Surfboard Fin Types

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Wed Sep 21, 2016 5:09 pm

I was wondering if anyone has tried lots of different fin set ups for surfboards in different conditions? I now have a board with a 5 fin set up and I'm unsure how to set it up for different things. I guess the set ups I'm most interested in are Thruster, Quad, Quad with middle finger, and all 5 - Which do you prefer in what conditions and why?
If for example I'm going out in sketchy conditions (gusty with big surf) whats the most stable configuration? While I want to catch waves I want to know that I'm going to stick the turn every time without fail (well as much as possible!).
If the wind's a bit light and flukey what do people find to be the most efficient? However in mediocre conditions with medium surf whats the skatiest most fun set up?
All of the above is going to be affected by the type of fin too, the different numbers etc seem to be a bit confusing and I've not found a good explanation of all the types (F#, AM# etc.). Are the different set ups and fin types comparable in surfing and kitesurfing, I'm assuming not.

Sorry this is so many questions but my last board was just a thruster and now I've got too many options, 5, quad, thruster, middle finger, F6 and F8. I was also planning on getting some other fin sets to try out once I'm happy with the choice of 3,4/5.
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Thu Sep 22, 2016 4:27 pm

Ive ridden quads for a long time now, forgot what a thruster feels like, maybe its time to play around again!
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