tell me about wave riding please

Gybes, aerials and waveriding, put it in here!
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Wed Mar 26, 2008 11:17 pm

Im really drawn towards wave riding once I get all my lessons and gear sorted out but its something that I dont know a great deal about (aside from riding waves obviously). Im not really drawn to freestyle or wakestyle but I really love the idea of wave riding, whether its just cruising some waves or really smashing shit out of the lip and carving up the faces of the waves. 8)

Is it a discipline that I can just decide to do or is it something that I have to work up to? Does the equipment I buy make a difference, such as special kites designed for wave riding? When it comes to boards would a directional board be better or a twin tip? What about strapless directional boards?

I already have experience of surfing (9 years) and snowboarding (6 years) if that makes any difference.

Sorry to ask so many questions, and I hope I havnt posted this in the wrong place? :oops:
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Thu Apr 16, 2009 9:02 am

just noticed this. my opinion would be to just get out there. start in smaller stuff. watch some waveriding vids on youtube. maybe start on a TT (for familiarity - you will have your lessons on one and they are easier to learn on) but try and move to a waveboard asap, then go strapless for more fun. most waveboards can be made strapless by taking the straps off.

your surfing experience will help.

quick turning and predictable kites tend to be better, but these days most kites will be fine for it.

where do you live? if you're not near a decent wave spot the learning process can be a bit slow.

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