There are no rules!.. well almost...

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There are no rules!.. well almost...

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The team at Kiteboarder welcomes everyone to post and get involved in these open forums and we hope they will evolve into a useful resource of information and represent exactly what we, the UK Kiteboarding community, make of them.

It is necessary to register in order to make posts to these forums.

For Dealer and Trade access please read this, any brand reps, shops etc, wishing to promote their business on the forum, must register for the appropriate level of access!

At, we believe in free speech on the internet and that this forum should become self moderating through the combined attitude and response of its own members in all but the most extreme cases... in which case I will remove offensive posts.

I may also move threads into suitable areas of the forum... e.g. flame wars to the grill.

The only hard fast rule at Kiteboarder is that all brand reps, importers, shop owners, staff, instructors and sponsored riders (ie:P.I.M.Ps) are asked not to disrespect or attack other brands, products or companies either by inference or directly.

Whilst we positively encourage all manner of healthy banter, news, rumours, sparring and of course the innevitable creative pimping we will not tolerate any extreme BS posts, unwarranted personal attacks or threads that de-generate into blatant mud slinging or anything that is deemed as 'wrong' for this forum and kiteboarding. This is for the benefit of everyone.

We also ask that all posters please do not use exessive foul language or post offensive images as there are younger riders using the forums and we should all be setting an example and encouraging a positive kiteboarding attitude. The Admin' team may use the forums 'auto-correct' feature to help moderate this although there will always be creative ways to work around it so apologies for GRF in advance :wink:

Please remember that this forum is tuned with the help of a number of experienced riders from around the UK who are regularly online and have positively contributed to some of the worlds more popular kitesurf web forums and message boards for many years. We would like this professional contribution to continue here at Kiteboarder.

We would like to ask all experienced members to keep an eye out for anyone new to the sport that is seeking help and advice.

At the same time we would like to ask anyone new to the sport and the forums to use the search facility, FAQs and generaly have a look around reference sections before asking any questions that may have been covered many times over.

Thanks for all the support and input from everyone.