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Post by hiflyer12 »

So whos been there? Im thinking about going Jan/Feb, I hear thats the windy season...

Anyone got sound advice?

Interested in hitting the cable there to if anyones got any info on that...


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Re: Phillipines???

Post by Ade G »

Not been, but week before last met a French guy at Ras Sudr, Egypt called Will who is an instructor at & sponsored by F one who tells me its the dogs nuts - of course he would he works there. He did say Jan - Mar were the best months.

Sounds good if it wasn't for the 16hrs on a plane. He also promised really good deals on the new Bandits as they get them straight from the factory in China or Taiwan or wherever (talking 40% off if youre there in Mar)

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Re: Phillipines???

Post by ashighasa »

Just do it ...

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Re: Phillipines???

Post by Ed »

I'm heading to at Bagasbas (Daet) end of November for a long weekend (from Singapore).

It's a 45min plane ride from Manilla to Naga, and then 2hrs in a bus fro Naga to Daet.

I think most people head to Borocay, although it's a bit of a mission to get to, even from here in Singapore.

I'll let you know how I find it.

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Re: Phillipines???

Post by antons »

Hi, yes i've been there a couple of times (few years ago). Kited with Oceon Republic ( on Boracay who i highly rate and are by far the best school on the beach (there were about 4 or 5 when i was there). Have a shop and kit is pretty cheap. Easy to get to, holiday island - fly from manilla. Lots of cheap accommodation (don't bother booking before and you'll get a cheap deal on arrival), hundreds of bars, restaurants etc. Kiting is on opposite side of island to the accom etc - quiet spot with great beach bar

Wind can be good, but not hugely reliable. Spot is a shallow lagoon with reef behind. Its ok but narrow beach to launch from, lots of palm trees. you can stand quite a long way out but beware lots of sea urchins, so wear booties. Waves out the back by the reef. Can get pretty crowded - so try to avoid peak holiday . So i'd say that if you are in the area Boracay is a great spot to hang out for a week or two (or more) and you should get some good kiting, but i'd not choose as a top kitesurfing destination


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Re: Phillipines???

Post by hiflyer12 »


anyone else?

are there any flat spots?

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Re: Phillipines???

Post by kitems1 »

I went to Boracay 10 years ago (idyllic!) and then again for a month or so last year....

wind is pretty consistent in December....rode a 5m overpowered quite a few times!...I would not recommend it's been ruined...the beach is now non existent on the Bulabog side high tide there is no beach as the kite schools and hotels have expanded down to the water line....the water is disgusting...totally polluted. The place is sooooo can take a while just to get in and out of the water and navigate to some open space.

It's a shame...if the kite schools put some thought into it, it could all be so much better, but to me its a great spot that has been ruined.

lots of much better places to explore in the Philippines and SE Asia in general (hint...if you really want to rough it and be a pionner in the Philippines head to Palawan!)....if you want a popular spot in SE Asia but one that's much nicer, although not flat water...hit Vietnam....spent a year in SE Asia kiting...there's soooo many good spots to be found!

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Re: Phillipines???

Post by ellman »

im heading there in December to Boracey and Siargao islands ( cloud 9 ;) any one know if i need malaria jabs / pills ? and has any of you kited in Siargao ?? Any info appreciated.

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Re: Phillipines???

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Re: Phillipines???

Post by Anon »

Currently in Boracay and its awesome. Nearly didn't come due to the earlier post saying it had been ruined I had visions of horrific over developed shoreline, instead I find an idyllic place, great beach, great people and excellent kiting. I don't know if it's because it's the end of the season but there is plenty of room for people kiting, unfortunately you do lose the beach at high tide but at the moment thats around mid day when the morning wind is fading away so not too much problem at all. If you have the opportunity to check Boracay out do so, you wont be disappointed.

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