New wetsuit - back zip or chest zip?

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Re: New wetsuit - back zip or chest zip?

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garyb wrote:No problems with my C skins Wired 2010 summer and winter front zip suits. Once I got used to getting them on and off, no worse than a back zip, and never noticed too much flushing, and I get some right good rinsings in the waves.
Mind you, I bought reduced price end of season 2012 C Skins Wired winter suit as a back up - No where near as good as the 2010 - Minimal flushing but real difficult to get out of when knackered.

I've got an 08/09 Cskins wired Front zip and it doesn't flush at all, it is a proper pain to get on and off though.

I agree with Waverider about wetsuits in the washing machine. I spilt a bit of engine oil the leg of my summer suit this year and hand washing wasn't getting it out. Stuck it in the washing machine a couple of times and it came out clean and as soft as when I brought it. Did it with my winter suit and got the same results.

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Re: New wetsuit - back zip or chest zip?

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Hey Tim, not hooked up for a while, I got a made to measure Snugg 5/3 with a front zip this autumn, warmest wetsuit I ever had although I have to admit they are a lot harder to get in and out of. Give me a bell if you want to have a look.

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Re: New wetsuit - back zip or chest zip?

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I too have a front zip Snugg and am well pleased with it.
I used to find it virtually impossible to get off by myself.
Now use a rash vest underneath and it is easy.. Just slip one arm out by pulling at the cuff with the other hand..slips off easy..job done.
Try it.


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Re: New wetsuit - back zip or chest zip?

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Cheers for all the replies folks and Ade, yep would be good to meet up and get some kiting in this winter. Haven't seen you in ages. I'd be interested to see the Snug suit.

I'm still undecided on chest/back zip, although I'm swinging towards a back zip. Don't know if I fancy the fight to get into and out of my wetsuit each session. Would be interested to hear a few more opinions though. I've been doing a fair bit of surfing this year. To all the kitesurfers who surf as well would a chest zip cause any rubbing or discomfort whilst paddling?

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Re: New wetsuit - back zip or chest zip?

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My 6/5/4 front zip with integrated hood O'Neill is more difficult to get in and out of compared to my O'Neill 5/3 back zip with over the head back panel, but I'm a bit too fat for the 6/5/4 at the moment and mine isn't the latest version with all panels in the most flexible neoprene. I reckon the 6/5/4 delays cold hands down to 6C compared to 8C on the 5/3.

A friend of mine has this Xcel suit and thinks its very comfortable and flexible. ... tem/19698/

This guy has no trouble getting into a front zip suit.

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Re: New wetsuit - back zip or chest zip?

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i much prefer the front zip. way better when wearing waist harness.
check out the new ION Onyx suits. really impressed and good seal which doesnt seem to let any flush in.
also has the removable ankle straps so no more balloon legs or having to pull your ankles down

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