Wetsuit shampoo

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Anyone who wears the kilt, loves the sound of pipes and shows his ass to the south get's my respect. We're all a bunch of softies down here George. Far to much sunshine Eh.

To be honest, the cold water treatment should work in most cases but didn't for me a few years back though I travel Scotland every year for two weeks and my suits never sees any fresh water until we get home.

You need to see some of the shite that get's into the seas around the coasts from North east Devon all the way around through Cornwall and along the south coast. The east coast down here always has been shitty.

Here in West Wales we have some clean beaches but nothing like most of Scotland and the islands, it's why I go to Scotland rather than the south coast. Who cares about midges.

The few times I went east or south my board and kites usually told a story about the water quality, they stink.
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waverider wrote:Anyone who wears the kilt, loves the sound of pipes and shows his ass to the south get's my respect.
Yes, I have a Kilt. Yes, I like the sound of the pipes. And as to showing my ass to the south - well I'm sure if the SNP wins the independence vote we'll get a public holiday to do that :lol:
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after reading all your posts I will never be buying a second hand suit EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! I have noted all your user names and your on a black list :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

It's looking like I am in a small number of people who can at least control their bladder :? I couldn't think of anything worse the ONLY and I mean ONLY time I have done it was on the Virgin Amarda because after 4hrs+ on the water I couldn't see any loo's in the force 7 gale!!!!!!!!! out in the middle of the Solent :shock: and that suits been washed in the machine when I got back!
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greenroom wrote:Most folks I know have some sort of flexible plastic tub for carrying their wetsuit in the back of their car/van. Take off your wetsuit, chuck it in said tub. Get home, fill tub with fresh water from the garden tap. Give your wetsuit a good dunking for a minute and hang it up to dry. Easy. No need for machine washing or fancy pants shampoos. My (O'Neill :-D ) wetsuits smell and feel just fine.
Seeing as my local is an estuary we don't really have a choice. We have a steel wire washing line next to the garden hose, suits, harness, bar & lines are rinsed off after every session, left to drip dry in the summer. In the winter they are left to drip for a while, then brought in to hang above the bath. With a machine wash every couple of months.
Both our suits are fine and we get several seasons out of them

It's a PITA having to wash off our kit when we get home, but the smell would be unbearable after a few days
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well after much debate mystic are going to give me a new suit :-D

no shampoo need now...
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