which board size?

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hey guys and girls, just want to start a conversation over boards, theres probably others but hey,
i ride a 132 im 5ft 9 and 73kg,
ive been told i should be riding a larger board, i am in the market for a new board but my concern is if i go too big it could hinder the tricks and rotations im doing.

and go.........

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Hi, I'm in similar size like you, I was learning on bigger board(~150x42) one day and after that I decide to buy new one which is much smaller(135x40) what after 2 years I think that was good choice because as you said with smaller board is easier to do tricks, nothing is easy but when you get good wind and use to it then you will be happy with this type of choice... Everything afterwards is practice... Let me know if my size is good for you, I have new board now(new 135x39) and another in good condition in getting dust...
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Look more a boards outline/rocker/flex than its length/width...
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Most of the freestyle/ wakestylers use boards of 140+ and it doesn't seem to hinder their rotations. I ride a 138, 5'10, 74kg and love it, and do lots of roatations no problem. I previously owned a 132, and also demo'd a 130, but much prefer the 138 to either.
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