Kite Magazines do you read any?

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Which Mag do you read or view as most informative.

I don't read any of them
I rely on the internet and social media
I read all of them
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I've been asked the question, which of these magazines is more important to us here in the UK, or generally as an English speaking mag overseas.

Do folk even read mags these days, and if so which ones and how important is their opinion perhaps on equipment reviews these days?
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Iksurf Mag is the only one I read because it is free. As such I do not mind the advertising!
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Iksurf mag, for the reasons above.

I might buy a paper one if I'm going on holiday and want some plane reading. I used to buy them for the tests, but soon realised that all the tests were useless and said everything was brilliant, even if a year later they decide to announce it was in fact shit.
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Read most of my information online (with a lot of inbuilt filtering) and via forums etc. Flick through iKsurf but don't 'read' it unless something grabs my attention.

For the 'average' reader I imagine article after article of the young and talented in the most beautiful flatwater spots or perfect peeling waves in exotic locations (found in most mags most of the time - or does it just seem that way?) is not really that aspirational - on some days of the week at certain times of the year they are more soul destroying than anything! Would be good to see something about the real kiting demographic, who we are and where and how we ride - bring it home... not that I'm a fan of middle aged men dressed in rubber?
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I agree with above..

I used to read them all but now I just flick through IKsurf, read the tells me nothing review's and then sometimes look at the trick section. The rest i ignore, I don't give a crap about some pro rider have another amazing month just kiting in paradise..

It normally starts with, "Just looking at out the window at the cold Uk rain when the phone rings, It's Huilo from Amazinballs kites and he has trip to Bikini Island planned with the 2016 kit and would I like to go....."

Really grinds my gears..
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paulie_amoose wrote:Really grinds my gears..
ha, immediately thought of Peter
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John.B wrote: not that I'm a fan of middle aged men dressed in rubber?
I used to read them all, then I stopped reading any because the authors opinion often proved a lot of nonsense. Then Rou did his best to explain that they do-do their best to describe kit the way they see it. Then I started reading again because ten riders could easily form ten varying opinions and calling it a lot of bolloxx because it isn't your opinion is also a lot of bolloxx.

Right now I'm reading Kitchen Garden Magazine and I'm very comfortable with Johns opinion.

Other than that, Graeme Fuller is largely misunderstood, doesn't pander to anyone and calls a spade, 'a shovel'. Oh-yes, and Rou isn't GAY whatever Graeme thinks.
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Kiteworld for the pictures / photography. In fact I would love to see the kite mags evolve down this path of lots of photo led stories about riding and spots ... a bit like Surfer's Path?

I skim read the text./stories;

I completely ignore the reviews (I wonder how they select which kites to review*);

I ignore the trick breakdowns ... if I want to learn to do tricks I will watch Progression or a Youtube vid.


* I am still having a humorous / good-natured debate with Jim about whether the opening and existence of Cape Town Kite Club as the only UK-owned kite house in Cape Town -- 97% occupancy in its first season -- is something worthy of editorial note or whether it only gets a mention in the South Africa coverage if I pay to play :wink: .

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waverider wrote:Other than that, Graeme Fuller is largely misunderstood, doesn't pander to anyone and calls a spade, 'a shovel'. Oh-yes, and Rou isn't GAY whatever Graeme thinks.
Yeah but ask him to take his pick from three shovels and he is confused :wink:

Is a spade not for digging and shovel for... well shovelling?

I really do wonder who kitesurf companies think they are selling/advertising to with some of the adverts (which drive magazine articles?). The vast majority of kitesurfers I've met either here or abroad are like a variation of 'me'. Unless there is a huge swathe of 'PKRA type riders' out there that I have just never met... the demographics and profiling just don't seem to fit?
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GRF wrote:how important is their opinion perhaps on equipment reviews these days?
I used to read Kiteworld a bit but just tend to watch IKSurf vids.

As to the equipment reviews, c'mon, they're useless. Everyone knows that......
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Another reader of “Kiteworld” magazine that covers the discipline of kitesurfing.
Perhaps the title should be changed to ”Kitesurfing World”
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Hi Everyone,

Its not mentioned at all above but I read and seriously recommend Kitepix its completely free to download online and has some really good pictures and interesting articles?" onclick=";return false;
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Ikitesurf is a good mag, also KITEPIX, picks up on local spots, more editorial and less adverts :)
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Cheers for the thumbs up (generally) on the mag. I hear your comments regarding reading about some pro riders holiday, it's depressing and frankly not what I want to read either... In fact our recent Tahiti article was rewritten by myself so it would be more of a travel guide that should prove useful should you ever decide to splash out on a mega trip. It originally read something like: "So on the third day I kited here in this spot I'm not telling you about drank out of a coconut and caught a fish with my bare hands then went to sleep happy on my mega yacht with a supermodel" - not exactly helpful to anyone!

We have a format which we try to stick to in the mag, which is first and foremost

Technique: We all want to be better riders, so we work closely with Christian and Karine to ensure we have plenty of tech every issue, and whilst it is difficult for them to keep coming up with beginner moves, all the moves are stored on a database for you to access... C&K amaze me with their ability to continue to find fun things to do under a kite, even I was doing one handed table tops the other day, on a twin tip *shudder, felt awesome!

Tests: A bone of contention if ever there was one, because we are funded by our advertisers we can't sadly write things like "this kite turns as fast as GRF coming out of the closet, nearly 70 and he's still in there" and other such Top Gear style journalism! We do try our best to give as honest a review as possible, talk about colours as little as possible and tell it how we see it. Thats got us into trouble before, and in fact whilst I always say I rarely fly bad kites we didn't print a certain test review of a kite this year at the advertisers request, because we told it how it was. (not great) Oddly that same kite was tested by everyone else, and reading between their lines, which is what you should do with a supported test they all felt the same, but perhaps we were more vocal about it. Anyway because we are in a very small industry the test was pulled and won't see the light of day. I'd rather that though than write something I'm not 100% happy with explaining down the beach. If anyone reads a test and then flies a kite and hates it, I would feel pretty bad about that myself.

I could bang on about tests for ages, but won't as we all have short attention spans... So next up:

Travel: Every time a pro rider gets in touch with their holiday story they get the same response. I want to know who, what, where, when and HOW, how can our readers recreate the same experience. That is why we often rewrite stuff, travel stories should where possible be educational about a location, which the Tahiti article now is.

Interesting Stuff: Articles like our Behind the Brand series which we have just started; looking at what goes into making and creating some of your favourite products, Surf Sanctuary Presents, where Dom Moore puts his heart and soul into stuff that even my brother Alex (our IT guy) reads, which says something about the content, it's insightful and enjoyable.

Aspirational: We all want to dream right, so there will from time to time be those hard to reach places that flick our switch and make us think wow...

We have a rule about photography, it has to be world class, as does the journalism, which I am sure many of you won't agree with :wink: but we try our very best with the very small team and tiny budget we have. Remember the Surf Mags charge the likes of Billabong et al tens of thousands of pounds and sell tens of thousands of copies. With just 6,000 regular riders in the UK it doesn't take a genius to work out just how small this industry is, and how little cash there is floating about, in fact on that note it's a wonder there are so many mags!

Thats our base guide for our magazine, sometimes we slip up, sometimes an article will make it through the door that perhaps shouldn't but with deadlines etc it makes it tough.

Finally we give it all away for free, which is no mean feat as the amount of work that goes into building our tech is immense. Which is a good moment to say put IKSURFMAG in your app store now and get it on your phone, we launched the new App a few weeks back and it is amazingly good on your phone the new "Reader button" is amazing and will make train journeys to work a lot more favourable... I would love to hear more feedback as without it how can we improve, both in terms of our content and our technology...
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I used to buy kitesurf as I found there was alot of useful tips of surfing holidays and kiting in general also the photos were brilliant, but they got rid of the moneyshot which was always something to look forward to once you got it / read the mag ;) I only buy the mag now if I see it in a newsagents that isn't alot as I don't buy a paper.
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