What would happen if you didn't buy a new kite?

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Been looking at a new kite and really can't believe the cost of a new kite these days. So I will be repairing mine when they need it.

How can those prices be obtainable any more?

It's bonkers.

Does anyone really pay those prices?
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Why not just switch brands to switch, when my kites need replacement that's were I am going I've demoed one and brought on to go with my rrd set up and I've got say build quality and design their better!
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I've just replaced mine after nine years of use and they've been fantastic for what I wanted out of a kite.In fairness I liked them so much I bought three of them and then just rotated there use,also picked them up cheaper as they weren't current models.The only reason I'm replacing them is after nine years the valves are starting to peel off.The kites themselves are still in really good condition.I will keep them and glue the vales back on but not use them in really strong conditions.
I've just picked up a clearance 2015 kite and am very pleased at what I've bought and what I paid for it.New kites are very expensive,think you need to become a bit of a blood hound to track down what you want at the right price then hang on to it and look after it
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I think you could use kites a lot longer than most people keep them for. although with older kites they tend to lose performance as the lose their shape and there is also a greater risk of something like a bridle attachment failing sending it into a death loop or dropping you out the sky on a jump
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You'd end up like me, still flying 2007-2010 kites, still having just as much fun. I only replace mine when they are beyond economical repair, and I buy second hand. Done the whole new kites each year for a while, was worth it when kites were changing so much each year (C to bow to hybrid) but haven't found anything much better than my pre 2010 Torches.
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I've also had preventative maintenance carried out on my most used/favourite kite as early Torched used to blow leading edges, mines been reinforced
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Not just kites is it.. can't believe people pay £700+ for a surfboard!
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You would be about £1500 better off.
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Well, my pal just bought 2 new 2015 kites for £1050 in the sales. Sold his old 2012s for £550. Total outlay for 2 new kites = £500.
Can't really complain at that every 3 years.
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Poor People shouldn't be allowed to kite.

As it is they've crowded up all the cool spots with their half price flexi's and five year old Bests.

There should be a law.
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Oh don't worry GRF I stay away from the kook beaches, too many kooky Core riders and badly parked "surf vans" - city types who have traded in the BMW for a brand new T5 and are now born again surf dudes (only on weekends though, when their wives let them out).
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Why the sport will never go beyond the level it is , just to restricted for youngsters to get into, cost wise add it up cost of kites boards jit insurance and beach membership and its a lot to lay out for most. can't understand why the brands seem to ignore this.
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been kiting since 03/04 and have seen kite complete go from circa £750 to circa £1,400. Cost of new kit for whatever reasons is prohibitive for buying a new quiver (like I used to) year on year. Kite development moved considerably from C to Bow to Hybrid say through the Slingshot link, Rev, RPM but since then has slowed considerably to more incremental changes rather than radical. Difficult for businesses to push new kit when you can just wait a year for it to hit the sales, even 2014 kit would be a bargain now with 2016 gear coming out.
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What's going with the Bars, slingshot comp going for over £400, you can get a good board for that. I have been thinking about upgrading, but new kit is extortionate at the mo, rather repair when needed.
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Yep, how they can justify that price for a 2 foot piece of aluminium some padding and some lines, it's barkng mad, should be £150max.
I've never bought new, often a 6 month old kite can be bought half price compared to new.
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