Line lengths - how much difference do they actually make?

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I was out in El Medano last week and treated myself to a, new to me, 7M RPM.

Strangely I found the difference in power between my 10M and the 7M to be huge. I used to have an 8M which I sold a couple of years back and the difference was no way near as pronounced as the change I noticed between the 10 and the 7.....

I've only just realised that the line lengths on the 8M are only 20m as opposed to the 10M which I think are 24...I also only used one set of lines on the kites before.

So my question is how much difference do line lengths actually make to the kite's power??
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I've found it can make a huge difference between 20m & 24m lines.

20m lines are good for stormy\gusty weather or on a surfboard. They will also give you a higher top end for that kite.
Shorter lines, less leverage effect on the kite = smaller wind window. Good for looping. Makes the kite react faster
24m lines good for all round use, more leverage = bigger wind window. Slows the kite down a little(compared to shorter lines)

Can you not put your 24m lineset on the 7 and try it out? Or, buy some 4m extensions?
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line lengths make a huge difference for sure. Different brands work on different lengths most are 20-25.

shorter lines make turning speed a lot faster. great for looping etc.

25m is a perfect day to day length for most kites. Gives you a larger wind window to help generate more power. larger kites really benefit from longer lines.

most brands offer extensions to let you change line lengths easily. personally I prefer to have different bars set up.
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Makes a pretty big difference I reckon. Put 23m lines on my 15m the other day which normally has a 25m line set, and the difference was very noticeable, surprisingly so.
Like you I also have a 7 and 10 RPM, I wasn't aware at the time how much quicker shorter lines make the kite move and nearly shat myself when I yanked on the 7 bar for the first time. I have also found there is not much overlap between the 7 and 10 wind wise; when I have pretty much put on all the depower the 10 can take and I'm skipping across the sea on my puckered sphincter I know that I should just about get going on the 7! :lol:
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I use shorter lines sometimes on a surfboard, first time you try it, feels like the kite is right in your face!
Does make a big difference though!
Never tried the other way, with longer lines, but have some extensions that I might try one day (when I get the foil thing nailed)

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Ryan Coote swears by longer lines in waves Tony - the reasoning is the kite has further to fall before you need to attend to it and get tension in the lines again.

The reason people used short lines a few years ago was because kites were so slow - but modern wave kites like the REO are rapid! The longer lines allow you to work a smaller kite more too - so you can use a smaller, faster kite which is less likely to pull you off a wave, but can still work it if need be.
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Yeah, I think flying the 7 on the bar for the 10 will help to minimise the gap in the wind range. I flew a 12/8 rally quiver in 2011 and 2012 and I would quite often put the 8 on the longer lines that came with the 12 when it was at the bottom end of the 8 wind range. When it was proper windy it would go back on shorter lines again.

Currently I use 27m lines on my 10m Naish trip for foiling. This gives it loads of power for light wind water starts but then when I'm up and foiling and the kite is parked, it's only a 10 and isn't pulling too hard. I also fly my 6m vx on this bar..... The kite looks tiiiiiny! :)
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