Good winter gloves?

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Ok, today without gloves was horrific.

O'Neill 5mm Psycho gloves a good call?
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Ion claw only way to go! Or neilpryde palm less mitts for only partially Baltic days.

I've brought At least a pairs of gloves a year normally 3 for more than 20 years and the above the only thing I've found which really does the job!
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hi excel infinity 1.5 mm thick gloves thinner the better as you loose bar feeling and get pumped forearms
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xcel do a 3mm precurved glove, infinity wind series.
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I very nearly invented the best winter gloves I have ever worn - I'd just had a few too many beers at the time of creation. They area still damn good though.

Last winter I bougt a pair of THESE - Billabong 5mm lobster claw mitts. Sadly they caused unbearable arm pump after about 2 minutes use - so were unwearable. I decided to cut the palms out of them, but in a beer induced frenzy cut out too much of the palm - leaving just a tiny pocket for the ends of my finger tips. Consequently, my fingers keep popping out - goddamn annoying.

Despite the creative cock up - they are still the best gloves I've ever owned. There is enough 5mm single lined neoprene on the backs of my hands to keep all the windchill off, and I've not had any issue with grueling finger pain when using them down to about 3 or 4 deg. You also hardly know you're wearing them from a grip perspective - and also really easy to just peel them back when you need to wrap/ unwrap lines etc - rather than having to take them off completely, which is always a pain in the bum with neoprene gloves.

I will certainly do this with my next pair of mitts too - but with a bit less beer, and a bit more restraint and care.
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Or try a pair of these 8) ... tts-1-5mm/

It really is amazing how they keep your hands warm - just as long as your gripping the bar (or you clench your fist)
It also makes rigging up so much easier as you can simply pull your fingers out when needed.
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grey2864 wrote:hi excel infinity 1.5 mm thick gloves thinner the better as you loose bar feeling and get pumped forearms
These are my favourite too. Thin enough to put on in the van and still do yor lines etc. Virtually watertight and made really well too
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Having checked many reviews, I've gone for the Ion Claw.

They seem to have the combination of warmth, durability and good grip!

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Yeah, ion claw for me too, every other glove I've tried ends up with arm pump. No problems with the ions as long as you're mindful of how hard you're holding the bar.
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