Kiteboarding Dubai

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Not sure where best to post this so will stick in in here!

I am going to Dubai next week for a two week trip. I have been doing some research online about the condition and sports and haven't really been able to find out what I'm looking for. I'm someone can answer a few question.

Wind conditions seam to be light in Dubai most days and I would like to try and get out much as possible and it seams like they get light winds in the afternoon. I'm 95kg and have a 9m and a 12m Liquid Force Solo. Do you think I would need a 15m or maybe even 17m to be able to get out in most days?

Are there any flat water sports near Dubai? I don't think I will have a car but would love to travel around a bit to other spots. Do you think to make to most of it I would need to hire a car or are there other ways to travel to other spots? What are conditions like if I was to travel a hour or two up or down the coast? Can you get better wind?

Thanks for any advice.
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This video has just been put on Kitecrowd. ... kitespots/
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I have been to Dubai every year for last 10yrs, used to take my gear but gave up. You can get the odd windy day, but generally its big kites.

You need to be careful which beach you use as only a handful are allowed for kiting, as most are public or private but not kiteable. Also from memory there are some days of the week it's illegal to fly a kite.

You are better driving to the awesome wave pool on the Abu Dhabi desert and ride some waves on a sup or surfboard.

Unless you ride a hydrofoil then Dubai could be great in the 12-15 mph wind.

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I was there in February and caught the ferry from the old town down to the marina for something to do. There were quite a few kites out about halfway down , bit south of the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah. Having said that they were all big kites and wind was very light

As the previous poster said unless you're hydrofoiling or learning can't imagine it would be much fun...
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